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  1. it would be cool if you could be the suicide jumper and destract a bunch of people and then the other two characters can pants every ped, and when the misson is complete the suicide jumper scuttles away screaming out (whop whop whop whop)
  2. micheal hand looks like a foot lol but the art looks amazing!
  3. Blackwildbeast


    I believe at E3 Sony mentioned that driveclub will be in the instant game collection of plus for free when the ps4 comes out... that's a brand new game!
  4. I thought of a dark-colored-crazy-monster( not a honky)
  5. I wounder why rockstar changed from 6 to 5 stars? there must be something special about this new system. I think its odd if they did it just to be differnt .. maybe one star does not exist or if you commit a pettie crime and that's when police try to arrest you without force before you achieve an actual star?
  6. play 10 minutes then come back on this website and say that the random dirty calender with a date circled in trevors room is an Easter egg for gta 6
  7. I hope the sync lag is less, that's all I care about. I wana see every bounce on asphalt my online buddys get when i ram them with a jet... not just slide on the road and then just pop back like a gold digger on Chistmas day "/
  8. "We were at a pretty high alert level: four stars out of five"--- could it be a typo?
  9. yo if that is possible and in multi-player omfg the things that you could do!! load a whole plane filled with people in cars and open the hatch haha way up in the air!
  10. there was a plane droping cars out if its cargo hold in the new trailers o.o
  11. lol the pic was a screencap opiuimpx put up I just pointed out that little piece, thanks gunsmith, but still isn't it cool the possibilities that open up from the peds using ifruits, I also hope its just not a scene deal, but one thing I thought about is in gta4 didn't peds every once in a while take a photo of you doing something weird? maybe i'm thinking of a different game?
  12. clothes custumization looks a lot better - franklin was wearing a los santos kings shirt, does this mean something, maybe we can watch hockey games haha... proabaly not.... on another note look at the ped in the back hes holding an iphone recording trevor!(or taking a selfie), reddead style of law enforcement system?, maybe you can look on a youtube parordy and find yourself doing shit? itd be cool just to see a lot of people recording me haha
  13. I don't think that much influence of a dynamic enviorment would happen imo... maybe for a few buildings, but that would feel odd because it doesn't keep up consistency... and if every building is destructible, what would happen if you blew everything up would their be a construction crew per house? I think ibeniko has a good point it probably would progress through the story if it were being built. if there are perminant construction sites I think it would however be cooler if there were dynamic AI that controlled the construction equipment. like the cement roller one, that would be sick to take and roll people over.
  14. hey how do you put the photo link on the kifflom website say I took a photo with my iphone then how would I put it on the website?
  15. do you think Rockstar would implement bombs on certain aircraft? dropping bombs on people would give a varity then just shooting missles. also if there is interiors in certain aircraft I think it would be cool if you could put the plane on autopilot and mess around in the cargo hold hah