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  1. Thanks, i was considering adding the poll when i came home, but saw you did it for me
  2. I used the search feature and didn't find any topics, so, what system will you be buying the game on? I think I will buy it first for PS3, then later on when I have the money, buy it for PC for modding, etc. What about you?
  3. not at all too realistic, 'twas one of my favorite features of Mafia 2. I would get so freaking pissed at running red lights and parking in firelanes, etc. Maybe getting in a car crash or if they have a hardcore/soft core mode in the hardcore breaking the speed limit would be acceptable for a ticket.
  4. Adding on to this, i think it would be cool if you could run a drug dealing business. You have an underground business where you buy/sell drugs, adjust the prices, deploy your men in hotspots, get raided by other street gangs trying to take your drugs, and supply your men with protection (more men, or guns) incase one of the deals go bad. That would be fucking awesome
  5. Alright, well, i was playing Mafia 2 for the 5th time yesterday, but this time i robbed as many stores as possible. So with that, I want the ability to rob stores (the cash register, and merchendise)
  6. It comes out on consoles on my birthday! (May 15)
  7. *Santos This is a little Off Topic but why the name "Los Santos"? It is translated to The Saints. Does this have any value as information? Los Angeles means The Angles so they put a play on it and name it Los Santos (The Saints) Make sense? Ah, yes, thanks! It has been bothering me since the beggining of the trailer -____-
  8. *Santos This is a little Off Topic but why the name "Los Santos"? It is translated to The Saints. Does this have any value as information?
  9. if anyone actually wants FiOS, don't. they absolutely suck, only way to achieve these speeds are during middle of the day and hardwired. If you are wireless you get around 5 mb/s at most. I have achieved in the upwards of 50mb/s during the middle of the night how ever hardwired on here with 3 ping.
  10. Well, i like all R* games, i especially liked SA and RDR, if there arent any fun side missions like in IV and Bully, than that will ruin the game for me. I want a classic GTA feel with more than buildings and streets, and better car handling.
  11. Truthfully, i think we should be able to buy houses and put them up for rent/sale. That would be really neat. Also, i want gym's implemented and it having an effect on your characters body shape, if you dont work out for a while, you start losing muscle mass and get a little bit on the heavy side another thing i want is to be able to fully customize your character. Not quite to the extent of SR2, but maybe like SR3. I'm sick of having two crappy russian shops where you buy jeans and jackets. I want hairdressers, thrift-stores, banks, gyms, pools, interactive houses, THE ABILITY TO ROB STORES! (Like mafia 2 ) And drugdealing. I'll be happy if i even get half of those.
  12. I want buildings to be interactive, actually be able to rob stores (register and merchendise), more custobility, and a better freeroam enviornment (more like SA, instead of just roads in gta iv)
  13. I think that 1-2 safehouses per district would be perfect. Not to many so that you turn the corner and there is one there. But not so little that you have to spend 5 minutes getting to. And with the saving in safehouses ordeal, what if they implement hotels? That solves the money problem and the saving only in safehouses. Not sure if these ideas have already been thought of ( not going to read 4 pages while superboel is on) but just my 2 cents.