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  1. Online me and my friend both got about $10,000 each. However in singleplayer the most I got was about $6,000, I was usually a good guy and kept it low.
  2. I hope they bring back some of the melee weapons from past GTA's. Vice City had quite a few, the hammer, baseball bat, knife, meat cleaver, machete, katana, screwdriver, golf club, police baton, chainsaw. There was also that DIY shop dedicated to melee weapons. Looks like several of these are returning, including the golf club, baton, baseball bat and hopefully some of the others. Also, do you guys reckon it would be cool to customize the baseball bat (or any other melee weapon for that matter). There could be default designs made by R*, as well as the ability to make designs ourselves.
  3. Did the PSP and the PS2 versions both have the same storylines? I'm guessing yes.
  4. Half the time I just drive around and fuck shit up, the other half I do missions. In GTA IV I mainly went on multiplayer after I'd completed the story. There wasn't anything to do except for drinking and bowling with the cousin.
  5. I think I'll just stick to walking in GTA, this driving recklessly thing is just too hardcore for me.
  6. Several times I've been sat in 'my' car at the traffic lights abiding the laws of the road like a good person, with a wanted level that I hadn't even realised I had, when a scumbag pig drags me out to the floor. It's not like I'm gonna break the traffic laws to stop them arresting me. Earlier today I was running around Vice City and had 1 star, so I went to take a bike to escape, but by the time I was on it the popo officer was already stood in front of me. He violently smacked me off of 'my' bike and took me down to the popo station.
  7. Perhaps when you go to prison they could have a short and simple clip of you sat in prison, reviewing the crime(s) you've committed, just like in RDR. When you got out of prison in GTA IV it was annoying how you lost your weapons, I think for V they should just give back your weapons or at least allow you to buy them back (I know it's unrealistic but I don't give a fuck, deal with it).
  8. Wow that's a lot of desert/mountain area, do you think we'll have a lot of small towns out in the country. Like in SA but with many more, and possibly some halfway up a mountain? Also, Liberty City looks fucking tiny, imagine LC from III compared with LC from IV!
  9. 26" TV in my room, nothing bigger fits in the space I've allocated for the TV. It's 720p or 1080p, not entirely sure.
  10. Do people play Liar's Dice in Casino's nowadays? Or is it just a Red Dead thaang? For some reason I loved this game in RDR.
  11. They could add on a reduced size Venturas for some sort of gambling DLC, or they could just have casinos in Los Santos
  12. Go around Balla's turf spraying giant green dicks on their cars... ..... just me?