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  1. First time smoking was like Half Baked. You seem like the type who would fap to a Johnson
  2. Sweet, good job Microsoft, the hundreds ill save from not getting this will benefit in the PS4 im getting.
  3. Id like to just pay random people to do stupid shit like jackass.. Pay a stoned teenager 20 bucks to push him in a basket down a hill, and also being able to do this as a mini game for Trevor, I mean doin random crazy shit sure does fit his picture.
  4. I didn't expect a sweep at all at this point of the season
  5. You can never have too many properties... It stated that the garage is going to be available right from the start, which suggests that garages, or perhaps a larger garage, won't be available until later in the game. They're probably just referring to the fact that it doesn't have to be purchased or unlocked. I don't think you'll have to get to a certain point in the game to get access to property. Dont you like to climb trees?
  6. The Heat won because of weak defense at the most important time, or did David Stern set this up? I mean c'mon a game wining wide open just on time layup. Thats not possible for the Pacers defense no matter how bad the play was lol. I was rooting for them also even tho they beat my Knicks lol.
  7. how do you SLEEP AT NIGHT!
  8. Rockstar is smart for that, pretty realistic. But I still hope they attack you automatically if its someone you've gotten in a fight or shootout with, or if you have history against a close friend/family member of theirs. And that every character has a name and identity sort of like RDR. When you become of the lowest honor on RDR, sometimes a guy would come up to you challenging you to a draw because you killed his brother, they can put the same thing in V but instead with fighting or shooting. I could imagine Franklin on the in game version of Slauson and a Balla jumps out his car like "thas that bitch nigga that killt ma homie".. Then the rest is whatever the player makes it to be.
  9. Must have been a glitch for me. I would take pics of every gang and they will all throw up B. but I still think they're loosely based off both gangs..
  10. All gangs in GTA SA will throw up the "B",, and that pic of the Balla throwing up "Crip" looks edited.
  11. Great screens, I like the one with Michael in the black car the most.
  12. I always thought Grove Street Families were more like Bloods, and the Ballas were like the Crips. Since the ratio of Bloods to Crips is like 1:5, and the Ballas definitely outnumbered Grove Street 5 to 1 at the beginning of GTA San Andreas. Plus the Ballas gang colour purple is closer to Blue ( IE Crips ) then Grove Street's Green is. They're based loosely off both Bloods and Crips. As for the colors, Ballas wear purple which is closer to blue, but their name starts with "B" and Grove St puts BK. Green is worn by Pirus and Crips (more Crips wear green than purple in compton/gardena/watts..), CJ will say "Cuz" every once in a while (even though he means it as "family" or "relative"). Grove St has a OG Loc (Crip name) and Temple Drive can be based off Atlantic Drive Compton Crips. They have Ryder who is based off Eazy E (from Kelly Parc CC who wears Blue and Green).
  13. Dude basically it is going to be like red dead redemption. they will only make it to where a certain animal will only spawn in a certain area. Armadillo Location: West of Armadillo. Parts: Carapace (Basic Price:5), Meat (Basic Price:3). Beaver Parts: Fur (Basic Price: 12), Meat (Basic Price: 5). Bighorn Location: Tall Trees region. Parts: Antlers (Basic Price: 10), Fur (Basic Price: 8), Meat (Basic Price: 5). Boar Location: Northwest from Hennigan's Stead. Parts: Meat (Basic Price: 5), Skin (Basic Price: 3), Tusks (Basic Price: 8). etc etc Yeah its better like that, they put the animals in places you will see them in real life, just like pedestrians and cars. Wouldn't make sense to see a random Balla in the hills, a rich guy with a Lambo mowing his lawn in the projects, or a Bear rolling around in the desert.