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  1. What happened to that topic with the leaked Russian gameplay video?

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    2. Bronson
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      His balls were cut off and sent to Putin as a warning.

    4. Qdeathstar


      Banhamer most likely

  2. What happened to that topic with the leaked Russian gameplay video?

    1. GunSmith


      It was deleted and the OP was banned, per the newly revised forum rules. Posting gameplay leaks is forbidden, much like dancing.

    2. Roman Bellic
  3. Online me and my friend both got about $10,000 each. However in singleplayer the most I got was about $6,000, I was usually a good guy and kept it low.
  4. I hope they bring back some of the melee weapons from past GTA's. Vice City had quite a few, the hammer, baseball bat, knife, meat cleaver, machete, katana, screwdriver, golf club, police baton, chainsaw. There was also that DIY shop dedicated to melee weapons. Looks like several of these are returning, including the golf club, baton, baseball bat and hopefully some of the others. Also, do you guys reckon it would be cool to customize the baseball bat (or any other melee weapon for that matter). There could be default designs made by R*, as well as the ability to make designs ourselves.
  5. How do I put an image in a post?

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      Copy the image url and post it in image tags.

      [image]url goes here[/image]

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  6. Did the PSP and the PS2 versions both have the same storylines? I'm guessing yes.
  7. Half the time I just drive around and fuck shit up, the other half I do missions. In GTA IV I mainly went on multiplayer after I'd completed the story. There wasn't anything to do except for drinking and bowling with the cousin.
  8. I think I'll just stick to walking in GTA, this driving recklessly thing is just too hardcore for me.
  9. Several times I've been sat in 'my' car at the traffic lights abiding the laws of the road like a good person, with a wanted level that I hadn't even realised I had, when a scumbag pig drags me out to the floor. It's not like I'm gonna break the traffic laws to stop them arresting me. Earlier today I was running around Vice City and had 1 star, so I went to take a bike to escape, but by the time I was on it the popo officer was already stood in front of me. He violently smacked me off of 'my' bike and took me down to the popo station.
  10. How do you change the title that's above your pic in posts?

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    2. gtagrl


      *packs bowl*

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      I'm no good at life, but I'm pretty good at bowling!

    4. gtagrl


      Dat turkey trophy.

  11. Perhaps when you go to prison they could have a short and simple clip of you sat in prison, reviewing the crime(s) you've committed, just like in RDR. When you got out of prison in GTA IV it was annoying how you lost your weapons, I think for V they should just give back your weapons or at least allow you to buy them back (I know it's unrealistic but I don't give a fuck, deal with it).
  12. Wow that's a lot of desert/mountain area, do you think we'll have a lot of small towns out in the country. Like in SA but with many more, and possibly some halfway up a mountain? Also, Liberty City looks fucking tiny, imagine LC from III compared with LC from IV!
  13. 26" TV in my room, nothing bigger fits in the space I've allocated for the TV. It's 720p or 1080p, not entirely sure.
  14. Do people play Liar's Dice in Casino's nowadays? Or is it just a Red Dead thaang? For some reason I loved this game in RDR.
  15. They could add on a reduced size Venturas for some sort of gambling DLC, or they could just have casinos in Los Santos
  16. Go around Balla's turf spraying giant green dicks on their cars... ..... just me?
  17. There was the Seville Boulevard gang who were part of the 'green' larger gang Also, do you think that the spray can will return with the ability to gas people, and to casually spray on walls (not just over rival gang graffiti) ??? ...and make a huge green fucking mess! Perhaps we could have several different colours of paint, if there's more than one enemy gang we could fuck up the territory and properties of both, with paint of the other gang (eg. ballas colours on vagos property (if those two gangs are in the game)) and cause them to fight each other.
  18. Right handed, I can't do shit with my left hand.
  19. I agree, having businesses would be good, especially since there will be more to spend money on in the game. There were businesses in Vice City Stories, I remember having to drive across the island every 5 seconds to stop one of my businesses being destroyed by rivals, which was really annoying. Hopefully that wont happen if they are in V.
  20. I hated that mountain bike race down Mt. Chiliad, it was impossible to control, especially around the many corners with the dumb-ass NPC's suicide cycling you over the edge. Riding up was a bit better, usually I just cycled up the vertical rocks to get to the top quicker so I could drive the hippy van off the ramp . I thought the trails in the woods were good though, hopefully we'll see more like that since the map will be much bigger. I quite liked the BMX challenge at that skatepark in Los Santos as well, just casually bunny hopping 10ft over a fence into a red ring.
  21. I would like to buy: - Weapons, with more variety than there was in GTA IV. Hopefully a choice of modifications, nothing too extreme just some small performance upgrades and the choice to duel wield or change/upgrade the scope of a sniper rifle - Perhaps vehicles, though they would be destroyed/lost soon after I bought them (I know I'm careless) unless R* made them respawn in your garage which would be pretty cool - Clothes, but I hope that looking through and changing your clothes isn't slow as fuck like in the past GTA's, and I hope for a lot more variety than what was in IV - Fast food, for when you need to heal your gunshot wounds - Drugs, not for consumption but perhaps to sell, it could be interesting - Drinking - Pizza delivery. Would be good if you could order over the phone, then when it arrives you could take it without paying - Buying phones, with a variety of shitty and good phones. Maybe we can go on the internet on them. - .....Hookers, before I beat them to death to get back my money Like some other people said, it would be cool if we could buy things on the internet, I remember you could buy ringtones and themes for your phone in IV but that was it. Would be cool to buy some guns on the internet and have a van deliver them to you.