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    uuuuuuh.. what brung me to this site for 500 alex..
  1. i think theyll add the kidnap feature from RDR.. but you could put them in the car trunk instead of a horse. and i still wanna use the lasso, or one of those guns that put people to sleep..
  2. what massacre said.. plus they woulda prrobly put rated A for strong nudity.. like hot coffee
  3. actually.. i only complained about the threads about GTA5.. so once again skeezer mcfleezer your wrong.. not that youve been wrong before i just wanted to say that.. think before i post? *thinks*.. nah all i have is bad memories, so no thanks..
  4. you really think i care if this thread is locked or not?
  5. actually.. people kept asking me questions.. so it wasnt exactly me.
  6. so everyone disses obama, then when i say positive things about him, no one dis agrees?
  7. wasnt exactly hard but took a long time.. i hated the mission with woozie that you had to swim for hours to get lung capacy up.. and the mission on gta VC when you have to shoot from the heli.. its easy now though.. lol speaking of VC if they make Grand Theft Auto 95 that would be the name..
  8. oh probly i never did that. that i remember of..
  9. i remember doing drive bys in cars from FP so yeah it was.
  10. in the Game Informer mag i think, they have the ratings of various videogames.. GTA4 got 10/10, RDR got 9.5/10 or somethin simular.. I enjoy playing GTAiv but i wont give it a 10 for plenty of reasons.. like the police force and how boring it gets after the whole storyline is passed.. Red Dead Red was 10/10 in my eyes, IV was probly like 8.8/10.
  11. i think the cutscenes should be either regular or a fp.. players choice
  12. lol.. basically means that im the shit