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  1. I like the idea of having that one perfect car as your own, that would spawn everytime you save As for what I'd like to see, I dunno if they're sold in America, but a Smart car ( would be cool, not so much to drive but to ram in a fucking great big truck!! (I HATE Smart cars) yeah they do sell them in america and i hate them as well. And if there are smart cars in this game I will destroy every smart car I see. No exceptions. thank god you said that hahaha i hate smart cars i see them on the road all the time, if they were V, i would beat the shit out of the guy that owns it
  2. yea that's a really good theory man, come to think about it, it does make sence good job
  3. hmmmmmm this is a hard going to old school here, i would have to say panel vans, and el camino utes
  4. hahaha i thought he was serious im like oook i was laughing when i sent that, but in saying that i did look up eight days like 2mins ago, and it said the texture in it and all the movements apparently are going to be around the same as gtaV....if so that aint bad if you dont like gta V why you on this site then Why are all your posts so aggressive? because i was just getting a lil annoyed that people assume *that this is gta and thats gta*, know one knows because they havn't released information yet, but yea i was abit aggressive and i apologise, but yea cheers for picking up on that just look at the graphical stuff in it, now that's what people want to see in V different movements and gunfiring positions....sweeet
  5. well if the game is revolved around the "almighty dollar" i think the money cheat out off all, don't care about anything else but the money cheat would be handy
  6. 1984. Oh shit...that's right it is too!! thanks for the heads up
  7. yea they were ok i guess, but i told you the set times so your not confussed
  8. Vice city stories is set in 1976, Vice city set in 1986, san andreas in 1992, liberty city stories in 1998, Gta 3 in 2001 and Gta 4 in 2008 and as we know Gta V set this time 2012 i assume, so yea that's the order
  9. i thought it was someones car hahaha i actually thought it was real....................unless it is
  10. they wernt to bad actually, yea you could class that a job
  11. all good man, and yea San andreas is set in 1992 and gta 3 is meant to be set in 2001
  12. but yea....they did come up with a security manager in the ballad so they could put something like that in Gta V, but who knows we may aswell just wait
  13. they need to have the military back they just have to
  14. This might end up in the wish list