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  1. i think the working out and eating and weight stuff is right
  2. so will it be in a movie set? since la is a movie town?
  3. Ferrari enzo mercades sls and slr mclaren mclaren mp4 lambo reventon a bunch of exotic cars that are fast and custom u can do stuff to the acp freaken sucked i want a real freaken tank and i want a mini gun back along with the buzzard becuz that heli was badass
  4. well did the expolsion thing have anything to do with the new gta?
  5. what clues did we see that lead up to the conclusion to the new gta 5? i remember the one sign in the porn shop, (ready for the explosion) will this be the exposion??
  6. yea i was just looking idk how to put it on the shit list someone do it 4 me can anyone read the arcticle in photos about the dan houser interview or is it fake?
  7. i found this let me know what you guys think
  8. hello, im steve and im saying this because the game eight days was canclled so maby rockstar took it over if u look at the trailer and all that it looks like the new gta its pretty sweet