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  1. i've sent you an invite as a friend, i wont try, you will die, im that damn good 0_0
  2. get your ass on gta so i can shoot you! xD i dont think he was that bad
  3. fuck nah, cj could still cock a pistol and blow someone away, he wouldnt be much of an old man exactly lol
  4. So apparently we'd never see any characters from the GTA III era but somehow we'd be able to see crossovers of characters from GTA IV in V..... I respect Rockstar for their games but that sounds simply retarded. They've chose to allow characters like Lazlo to be in all games but somehow they consider the GTA III era to be a totally different "universe". Pretty pathetic. I didn't think we'd see any but I think it's just stupid completely eliminating the possibility for the future. However apparently there is plenty of hope for characters from GTA IV. What you guys think? I know it isn't new neither, but I've never really thought of how dumb that is.
  5. The gas would defo be an exciting, useful and realistic feature, as this will be the biggest map to date apparently, so if you run out of gas in the desert what are you gonna do? I doubt there'll be many cars out there lol I love the idea
  6. I hope they have really upgraded the SWAT teams, did anyone see the swat teams in Saints row 3? Obviously it didn't play as well in Saints Row 3 but in GTA it would work beautifully. The SWAT teams have to be much more advanced, the ones on GTA IV were pretty much laughable sadly... You will of course know what I'm talking about if you have played SWAT 4 for PC, that's the way a SWAT team should be, breaching doors, tear gas, tasers, basically SMART. Also the GTA police have to learn how to negotiate better! LMAO Seriously you bump into a cop, then refuse to be arrested (at gun point lets not forget) so you get shot at? Rockstar put together L.A. Noire, so they should fully know what they're doing with the response units in GTA V, here's hoping they won't let us down again.
  7. Some of these you can't help but cringe at lol I think these subjects are very confusing though, because they have to have subjects that are still relevant at the time during the release, I would think they come up with this stuff closer to the release date if anything tbh
  8. I'd love to think they released the trailer to make us hardcore fans happy but the sad truth is they aren't that nice lol. The game is well into development, the trailer shows that off perfectly, they are also having people test the game now, I'm just really hoping for a 2012 release, if you ask me I wouldn't be surprised if they released the game May this year lmao. They can release whenever they want to be fair.
  9. of course not, but apparently it saves em verses nd stuff ever hear eminem's disses against lil wayne on recovery? xD he actually has quite a few lines dissing lil wayne without lil wayne knwoing it, bless him
  10. Little wayne is wack. Can't believe he call's himself a rapper. Eminem simply uses lil wayne to make himself look even better lmao
  11. Hi GTA Bro's and sisters, I finally broke down and decided I have to get GTA IV for pc instead of just having it for the 360. So I've been upgrading my PC quite a lot, my friend even gave me a graphics card for nothing, I want to know what mods you'd recommend would keep me busy until GTA V? I'm already definitely going to get the Police Pursuit Mod.
  12. Why are you defending the video so much? We can think what we want. Did you make it? If not, don't take it personally we're criticizing the video not you. And there's a difference between finding something and going way out of line with BS speculation and displaying it as fact. I'm not sticking up for the video its just the way some of you guys are goin on, feels like its mostly 12 tear olds on here sometimes, actually go back and look through the comments its just stupid
  13. People calm down. The video's are made by a bunch of people who spot things. News is very slow these days. There's nothing wrong with letting others spot things you haven't, I'm open to anything anyone thinks they can see. I literally feel like sometimes most the people on these threads are chicks on their period. Stop bitching? Just a thought. If you don't have a point to make in your comment there's no point in commenting. Yes I'm not really a huge fan of the music choices but the video's have spotted many great interesting things in the past, including the spotting of that 2nd dog. A lot of stuff I've heard on here is much worse than in their videos. AND for the love of god! Remember they are only opinions!
  14. My goal would be to fill the entire desert with bodies of dead cops, hookers and random pedestrians who looked at me funny. serial killer lmfao
  15. Anyone else noticed how all the NPC's are properly dressed to the environments this time round? Golfers, people on beach etc. Seems like they've improved
  16. dogs bears wolves sharks deers and a......TIGAAAAAAR"""" GAAAWWRRRR
  17. im not obsessed with dogs i just couldnt believe people wouldnt believe there was one behind the cage, i thought it was interesting because no one mentioned it before and yes i know about the dog at the beginning ffs, i just kept goin on about it cos some people kept saying there was no second dog aimed at retards btw
  18. Huh? It should be, it's available on XBL, you could always download and put it on DVD lmao
  19. I would just like to point out that I already (see 1:01) pointed them out for all the fingerless glove fanboys but hey who reads page 13? its the first page and the last page that are used for the vinegar strokes right? sorry we don't read your comments lol but no one is gonna sit and read through all these comments :/ What? There are moving dogs in the game? Wow! What? There are dogs that look like cats in the game? Wow!
  20. good picture, i just hope people actually finally look at realise its a dog, not only that it, but it even moves in the damn trailer xD I would just like to point out that I already (see 1:01) pointed them out for all the fingerless glove fanboys but hey who reads page 13? its the first page and the last page that are used for the vinegar strokes right? sorry we don't read your comments lol but no one is gonna sit and read through all these comments :/