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  1. One of the many things that I think would go great in the upcoming game GTA 5 would be, if your car gets shot up or if your so much of a hardcore driver that when your going from point a to b and by the time you get to b your car is either on fire or almost, It would be great to get out of your car and start fixing your car to where it is able to run again but you still need to get to a shop to fix it. I just really think that would be awesome to have in the game. Also it would be cool to change your tire if it was flat. idk, tell me what you think about this idea
  2. I'm sure everyone is wandering if there will be any cheat codes in the game. I personally don't care if there will be but it would be kinda fun to use them if you ever get bored during the game. Here is a list of the possible cheats that would probably be in the game. ( if there is cheat codes for the game ) Health, ammo, armor car cheats possibly a jet pack infinite ammo infinite health infinite stamina infinite oxygen max muscle max sex appeal max stamina become skinny become fat weapon class #1 weapon class #2 weapon class #3 supper jump max vehicle stats peds have guns gang members everywhere peds riot beach party theme ninja theme never wanted lower wanted level raise wanted 2 stars If you think you may know other cheats that may be in the game, you may add them to the list
  3. It would be cool if you had engine trouble with your car and you can pull over and try to fix it or if you have a flat tire you could change the tire by yourself. It would be awesome if you could do an ingame recording just like in Just Cause 2
  4. Will MotionScan Technology Be Used? With Rockstar’s uber successful published L.A. Noire featuring breathtaking facial animations using the new MotionScan technology, many pundits are expecting that to be expanded upon for the new game and we are betting it will feature. Officially, only Team Bondi co-founder Brendan McNamara has gone on record teasing that Rockstar would be interested in using the technology for GTA V but are proceeding with caution; “Yeah, I think they’re looking at it for every game. As much as L.A. Noire is a huge game, Grand Theft Auto is incredibly huge, so you’ve got all the problems of how big the cast would be and how many lines would you have to record and all that kind of stuff. Obviously we’d like them to, and they’re more than welcome to use MotionScan, but if they decide it’s not right for that and want to use it for another game, then that’s fine too.”
  5. a funny cheap version of family guy or south park shopping channels where you can dial the number from your tv and order a product and have them mail it to your a few days later...that would be amazing
  6. cross country race like in san andreas. (swimming,bikes,cars,running,climbing,etc.
  7. I'm looking to forward to being able to buy your own safe house, being able to customize and move around the furniture and stuff like that. I'm also looking forward to being able to drive planes and choppers and stuff like that. I also think it would be kinda cool to get pulled over and get a ticket from the cops for going to fast or crashing into other vehicles in the game, just like mafia 2.