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  1. well you got to remember this isn't GTA 4 its a total new GTA that has a 2x larger map then GTA 4 with jets, houses, helis, newer cars, and they might be including co-op and new game modes so having a clan on GTA 5 will be a good thing in a way. Like i said i know its early but having a clan or at least friends that will be getting it on the day of release will be a good thing bc you will have friendly ppl to play it with and not some proud american. My clan Elite Task Force started on the original GTA 4 and moved on to TBoGT. So when GTA 5 comes out were moving on to it
  2. Hey guys well i know its early for this but i was wondering if any one would like to start a clan for GTA 5 for when it comes out. I currently run a clan. But we can make one of are own for GTA it self and not for any other games. if you like this idea add SgtCoombes on ps3 and we can find out who will be the leader and co-leader.