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  1. really incredible if ya cant see. yh i cant see anything in the reflection lmao I thought we were talkin about something else lol LOL!
  2. You can pre order it from amazon:
  3. I don't want to be racist, but if the protagonist is supposed to be ned luke, I would like the antagonist to be black (a drug dealer if is possible).
  4. Why you predict 2nd october? Is there a reason or you said that day at random?
  5. We can't say when GTA V will be released untill Rockstar says the release date ;D, but I guess it will release in 2012.....
  6. The only thing I am looking for in GTA "V" is action and why not a very looong storyline.
  7. OK, thanks for the information, so far I don't have more questions.
  8. OK! thanks for all the information, but ManicMarcus, what is a RAGE engine? So, maybe gta v will be in one or two discs for xbox 360 ;D I guess in PS3 will be only one disc. Don't Worry, you don't have to translate, I understand you.
  9. Oh, don't worry, speak in english, I understand you very well, the only thing I don't know very well is to speak, but I understand No, I only have a Xbox 360
  10. O.o hablas español? Gracias por la respuesta, me gustaría que solo tenga un disco.
  11. Hi!, I am new here and I am from Spain. Sorry for my bad english, but here is my question: How many discs will gta v have in xbox 360? I think it will have more than one, just because L.A Noire had 3 discs!! What do you think?