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  1. Yeah, Dan Houser said that the music was to be actual. I think it will be special...In all GTA's the music has been special for me. Anyway, although Dan Houser said that, I think we could listen to the radio with old dial stations. For example I really enjoy with 80's 90's music. In my opinion, one dial station or two with music of 80's or 90's will be great as well. It will remind me another time...a past age... But using actual music is awesome!!
  2. Well in my opinion this is a sign that videogames are enough important in our society. R* and The New York Times would have to be proud of being able to enjoy each other. Good for R*. Good for The New York Times.
  3. Yes I want, I mean, I need a collectors edition. I asked to my usual game shop seller what was going to happen if I pre-ordered the normal game and later I chaged my opinion and I wanted to choose the collectors edition. Well, he answered that it could be a problem because in the normal game, R* give us some articles with the game. If I wanted the collectors edition later, perhaps I would have a problem because I would have to return all the gifts (at the same condition). It looks like a little bit strange...but he told me that. So of this, I prefer wait for a while.....we have enough time to decide.
  4. Yeah! Dropping pictures and gossips and information...yeees. I want more...MORE...
  5. Well, perhaps we are going to find answers to some questions that we have been asking till now. Many new questions we will find in the video but in my opinion is the only tool (besides of gameinformer magazine) we have to keep busy untill the game starts being sold. Besides, blogs in general and web sites are going to be a paradise of new pieces of rumours, gossips, articles and so on...I think it will be interesting.
  6. If game informer magazine shows us a good analisys about the game for me would be enough. We will see...
  7. Yeeeeesssss!!!! Thx, Thx, Thx... Although I have lost the competition about when the game was going to be released.... I don't mind...the news are better... March, right now, please....I don't want Christmas...
  8. It´cool the picture...At least, we are hearing and seeing new news about the game. In my opinion, R* has been too many time in silence... but good for them because we are expected about any movement or piece of news concerning the game. December will be great, I hope.
  9. Yeah I would prefer the same...all options about multiplayer and one player would be choosen quickly and no more waiting time...too slow.
  10. What? Board rubber?? Yeah...I don't really know if I have written the right word but teachers sometimes threw away it to us! Perhaps nowadays teachers don't use this kind of tools at school.
  11. I wish my predictions are going come true. I hope a new trailer before Game Informer's December Cover or at least at the same time more or less. Anyway, a possible information concerning the game will be great!!! Come on...I want right now....hahaha...! I haven't been so excited about a videogame in long time ago!
  12. Yeah... I can remember...it was too slow all in general. I used to write letters to friends and family...Nowadays I don't, I use e-mail of course... My first email account and my first user password got when I started High School. I hadn't PC, laptop, mobile or videogames at home. So this, I had to do all my tasks at High School...You had to ask for the PC...there were schedules and you had to do reservations...PC's were the slowest I've never seen...I played videogames at friend's houses because they had platforms as Spectrum, Atari, Amiga500, PC2086, PC4086 and so on...Later I got many kind of multimedia and videoganes platforms.... Few years ago...It was another world...
  13. My days on school were great...I usually have memories about it. There were no problems, perhaps the worse days, were math class or when my father had to sign my qualifications... But days in class with my colleagues were awesome!! Most of times we enjoyed making angry to teachers. Most of teachers were good people but others.... I remember sometimes for example that I was hit by teachers. They used different objects...diccionaries, board rubber, chalks....at the begginig it scared but in the end it was an entertaiment as well...hahaha....it was funny... My friends and I bet what kind of object they were going to throw us. I never saw that any student or teacher were injured (like in films hahahha... ) The best thing: Friends.
  14. I would like tatoos, accesories (piercings, rings, ear-rings, watches, hats, peaked caps, mobiles...and so on), clothes in general, shoes, trainers, boots, glasses, sunglasses. Suits about jobs would be great too (plumber, police-man, electrician....well you know)... Perhaps, we should eat healthy food in the game to keep on fit although there is people who prefer eat fast food...anyway If body customization is an option in the game it will be awesome whatever option you choose (fat or thin or strong...)
  15. Hi! I reply to this post a little bit later...I didn't know I had to introduce oneself...anyway...! I live in Spain...Oleeeee!!! I really into GTA series in general. I've played GTA2, GTA3, GTA:vice city,GTA: Liberty City, GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV and GTAIV: Lost and Dammed. I've played other games from R* as well. For example: Canis Canem Edit, Manhunt, Manhunt 2, State of Emergency, Red Dead Redemption and the undead nightmare too. I knew this web because I was looking for information and gossips in Internet about GTA V. It's a great web!! And the game hasn't released yet!! Congratulations everybody!! Note: If I have ortografic mistakes sorry this is not my usual language but I'm improving my English language... THX!!
  16. Well. I think sounds in GTA IV weren't as good as we expected perhaps, but that game was released in 2008. It was the first game R* make in PS3 so don´t worry, sounds will be incredible. Anyway, is not the same heard the sound through of a tv set than heard the same game through a good system sound (dolby). In my case I don't have dolby... but perhaps I'll buy for this game but I think I don´t really need it... Well, Mr. TuomaZ has showed us in his video that the sounds are going to be great or even better.... Thanks TuomaZ!
  17. Oh man...I don't know what I'm going to do first. I suppose that once I unwrap the videogame I´ll see the intro and I´ll do my first mission (usually it's a little tutorial). Then I´ll go to the field and mountains, I'll see the ocean, the rivers, harbours...althouh most of times in other GTA's when I tried to go somewhere, in my way always found something interesting and forgot the last one. It's the best of GTA. You'll always find some interesting to do.
  18. Myths? yeah..of course...it would be awesome but those myths would have to be difficult to see or find because the interesting thing is that gamers might express their opinions and Internet would be plenty of rumours and myths. I'll really enjoy...sure. Another thing I wish in the game is that we could find in the newspaper of the game, Internet or tabloids, news about things we would had done. For example if you make explode a gas station, it appears in the news (newspaper, tv, Internet). So perhaps there would be others pieces of news where you could find odd issuess (serial killers, strange animals, area 51, caves in mountains, tombs...who knows) and we could check it.
  19. More zombies? No, please...It´s enough...and I really into in zombies but I feel a little bit upset when nowadays I hear something in relation with zombies. A possible expansion? Maybe in the future but I think It's a trited genre....I would prefer expansions of new cars, safehouses, weapons, accesories, there are lots of possibilities. But I don't think R* is going to abuse with this kind of packages or expansions...R* makes his job well always; and they deliver complete videogames. Although who knows...
  20. I wish tunning in cars, bikes, motorbikes and so on but, I've read here in igta5 that GTA is not a racing game. This is true, all we know, but we've seen in other projects what are able to do R* about tunning vehicles and races along the city and its surroundings. One more time, in my opinion tunning will be included (similar to San Andreas) but improved notably. GTA5 won´t be GT5. Another point is for example that in San Andreas when you tunned a car it was very complicated keep it in one piece. Nine o ten streets later driving and the car was a mess...so a little bit realistic physic would be great about vehicles and traffic (this last option sure is going to be improving). I think depending on what kind of crashing we had had with our car, the behaviour would have to be different. If you crash your car in the highest speed this car shouldn't start the engine again, for example. Ah! Some combination with the sticks or buttons to star the engine would be great or even to swich off the engine as well...If you forget to swich off your engine when you leave the car, someone could stole it. If you have a little crash and suddenly the engine stalls (stop suddenly) then you should do that combination to start the engine again or leave the car and stole another but...policemen perhaps are close to you...Oh my God I want the game right now...! Those options may be applied in engines normal doors, car's door or or safe-deposit boxes...It could be an idea.
  21. it should mosdef be crappy i luv tha ags to riches, or it could b a lil like scarface and u lose everything!! top 10 things that should be in a safehouse to interact with 1.a better car garage(as long as the car is parked at the safhouse it should still b there)) 2.gun locker(for all the weapons that uve bought) 3.mini games(i hav no prob playin sum pacman) 4.fridge(full of health,can put alcohol in there so u culd get drunk n all from tha blconyFUNNN!) 5.basement 6.a better closet(cuz scrollin thru all the clothes pisssd me off,should b a lil menu for shirts,hats,pants,etc) 7.a fat lazy good for nuthin girl that never leaves and always wants dick and money, (urs very own hooker that u never hafftuh pay) 8. if the main character is old then he should def. smoke weed n cigs at home at least!! 9.trash ur own house(knock over bookcases,ec) 10.a place t chop ppl up or hold hosage!! Yeah awesome ideas! Perhaps we'll buy furniture or accesories for our safehouses (LED Tv, fridge, acuarium, jacuzzi...) or upgrade elements of the house althought I would prefer shops, malls and comercials centres in the city.
  22. Yeah! It could be another kind of managing money in the game. Adquiring and selling objects to people or shops. Perhaps we'll collect poker cards, clubs for improving lucky like we saw in other games (horseshoes) and some minigame or collectionable with animals it's probably we'll see in the game. Sometimes in other games we had to collect different packages about substancies but I don´t know perhaps all I´m saying is overuse and R* surprised us in different way.
  23. In my opinion R* may make a great job about animals in the game because they've worked with them in other big projects all we know. I prefer realistic games so it would be awesome that the game included real animals where the game is going to be set. (L.A.). For example we could find in that city and its sorroundings: Racoons, Squirrels, fox, coyote, opossum, skunks, rats, mice, moles, groundhog, armadillos, beaver, birds, bats, snakes, chipmunks, voles, deer, fly squirrel, gophers, prairie dog, feral pigs, alligators, iguanas, muskrats, nutria, otters, pigeons, goose, muscovy, starlings, woodpecker, porcupines, rabbits, weasels, dogs, cats, horses. A possible Zoo in the city or in another area would be great too. Of course, althought I like realistic videogames, I really into gta myths so a possible Bigfoot or similar would be incredible and most of gamers wish find some myth in the game. I'm sure of it. I've heard (I do not know if it'll be true) that there will be fighting dogs in the game so possible pets perhaps will be adquired along the game. Oh! I forgot bears and snakes. I wonder if we'll be able of swimming or diving in the game. Could you imagine practising reeve diving, wreck diving, swimming close to dolphins, sharks....besides there´re many fishes you may find more or less close to the coast. For example: California Halibuts, bat ray, stripped marlin, groups of sardines, and some kind of species of sharks (leopard shark, great white shark, blue shark, shortfin mako shark) and so on...the ocean is plenty of interesting things as well.