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  1. I've seen some webs in Internet where you may pre-order the game (GTAV) . Here in Spain there're many specialiced shops where you may buy videogames of all platforms but nowadays there're not pre-order chance..... I don't know when is going to be released the game but I'm sure I'll pre-order as soon as possible. Please...I wish it going to be early....
  2. "To bad that casual players are not smart enough to understand that there are some things that must be in specific games" ?????????? Are you normal? I do not know why you say that. I think all people may say their opinions or ideas....
  3. For me, the physic bullet in GTAIV and RDR were fine. It is true that I am waiting for innovation so I would prefer It was better. I do not know what do you think about the physic of vehicles when you try a jump. For example, in my opinion, in GTAIV the feeling when you jumped with a car or motorbike was like you were.....floating, besides when you rode a motorbike and jumped hardlyever crashed. You could do spin in the air, somersault and you don not really need much speed....the character always landed fine....it was strange...I think...the physic vehicles could be better.
  4. All change may be bad or good but in general I like realistic games so I think I will enjoy this kind of aim with a weapon while I drive a vehicle. Besides, this question may be resolved by Rockstars in the game options. The gamers could choose if they want to aim with a weapon like in GTAIV or GTAV. In multiplayer as well.
  5. I have read that the management of money in GTAV is going to be different. It would be awesome if we could farm or make other substances in different places in the field or in houses. Could buy or customice laboratories in garages or basements. Depending of your skills or level you would be able to do better stuff. It could be an idea. Of course I hope that the game GTAV had minimun SAN ANDREAS options (Shops, bikes, buses, trains, clothes, cars, houses, tattoos, food, minigames, bla, bla,bla, bla, bla, bla, bla,...,...,..., bla).
  6. publicity wise and making a big who-ha, this would tactically be perfect. its never been done before. release a trailer, then screen shots, have a month or so dark period, then BANG, its being released tomorrow. no warning, no announcement. it would be a selllllll outt.!!!! they're trying to build up the hunger. the more we crave for it the more we talk about it. Oh yeah!! I am in a mistake...It would be much better a release of the game without any warning...but when?
  7. In my opinion, perhaps, in the end of November or December we are going to see a new trailer. In fact R* games are looking for a multimedia video editor (full time or partial time) to do a new trailer. I saw the vacancy in R* web. If anybody is good at "trailer edition" you may see the vacancy and details in: https://www.rockstargames.com/jobs/position/7deebabb27c1ee9e1805674bb2a5fc53/rockstar-nyc?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed