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  1. Yeah, Dan Houser said that the music was to be actual. I think it will be special...In all GTA's the music has been special for me. Anyway, although Dan Houser said that, I think we could listen to the radio with old dial stations. For example I really enjoy with 80's 90's music. In my opinion, one dial station or two with music of 80's or 90's will be great as well. It will remind me another time...a past age... But using actual music is awesome!!
  2. Well in my opinion this is a sign that videogames are enough important in our society. R* and The New York Times would have to be proud of being able to enjoy each other. Good for R*. Good for The New York Times.
  3. Yes I want, I mean, I need a collectors edition. I asked to my usual game shop seller what was going to happen if I pre-ordered the normal game and later I chaged my opinion and I wanted to choose the collectors edition. Well, he answered that it could be a problem because in the normal game, R* give us some articles with the game. If I wanted the collectors edition later, perhaps I would have a problem because I would have to return all the gifts (at the same condition). It looks like a little bit strange...but he told me that. So of this, I prefer wait for a while.....we have enough time to decide.
  4. Yeah! Dropping pictures and gossips and information...yeees. I want more...MORE...
  5. Well, perhaps we are going to find answers to some questions that we have been asking till now. Many new questions we will find in the video but in my opinion is the only tool (besides of gameinformer magazine) we have to keep busy untill the game starts being sold. Besides, blogs in general and web sites are going to be a paradise of new pieces of rumours, gossips, articles and so on...I think it will be interesting.
  6. If game informer magazine shows us a good analisys about the game for me would be enough. We will see...
  7. Yeeeeesssss!!!! Thx, Thx, Thx... Although I have lost the competition about when the game was going to be released.... I don't mind...the news are better... March, right now, please....I don't want Christmas...
  8. It´cool the picture...At least, we are hearing and seeing new news about the game. In my opinion, R* has been too many time in silence... but good for them because we are expected about any movement or piece of news concerning the game. December will be great, I hope.
  9. Yeah I would prefer the same...all options about multiplayer and one player would be choosen quickly and no more waiting time...too slow.
  10. What? Board rubber?? Yeah...I don't really know if I have written the right word but teachers sometimes threw away it to us! Perhaps nowadays teachers don't use this kind of tools at school.
  11. I wish my predictions are going come true. I hope a new trailer before Game Informer's December Cover or at least at the same time more or less. Anyway, a possible information concerning the game will be great!!! Come on...I want right now....hahaha...! I haven't been so excited about a videogame in long time ago!
  12. Yeah... I can remember...it was too slow all in general. I used to write letters to friends and family...Nowadays I don't, I use e-mail of course... My first email account and my first user password got when I started High School. I hadn't PC, laptop, mobile or videogames at home. So this, I had to do all my tasks at High School...You had to ask for the PC...there were schedules and you had to do reservations...PC's were the slowest I've never seen...I played videogames at friend's houses because they had platforms as Spectrum, Atari, Amiga500, PC2086, PC4086 and so on...Later I got many kind of multimedia and videoganes platforms.... Few years ago...It was another world...
  13. My days on school were great...I usually have memories about it. There were no problems, perhaps the worse days, were math class or when my father had to sign my qualifications... But days in class with my colleagues were awesome!! Most of times we enjoyed making angry to teachers. Most of teachers were good people but others.... I remember sometimes for example that I was hit by teachers. They used different objects...diccionaries, board rubber, chalks....at the begginig it scared but in the end it was an entertaiment as well...hahaha....it was funny... My friends and I bet what kind of object they were going to throw us. I never saw that any student or teacher were injured (like in films hahahha... ) The best thing: Friends.