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  1. I agree and its going to be really big as they said and I wonder if you can travel from one airport to another airport. That post from OptimumPx was from 2011. I think juandiaz doesnt know that there is a "Next Page" button
  2. I want the skydiving to be more fun, i want to jump from a higher point instead of 1 mile in the air. Or jump from a point where you can see the map in "google earth" style. What i'm trying to say is, I want to fly to a very very high point so I have more time to enjoy falling down.
  3. Cheers, I am pissed that i haven't played the two liberty city stories, will have to get that sharpish... I also agree with IbeNiko, I hate it when the bodies vanish that quickly, i like to get a pile going.... I think your talking about " Episodes from Liberty City" Liberty city stories is GTA III.
  4. Thats the scariest face i have ever seen. PS. I still dont know if there are going to be forests, that aren't on mountains.
  5. I want a fully automatic 50-round RPG with a scope. (Maybe with a cheat) I want machineguns on heli's or boats with infinite ammo. You want it too.
  6. I would really want to see Yusuf from TBOGT return. Funniest guy of all...
  7. The cropduster is fun enough. or better yet the magnet chopper from San Andreas. it would add soo much fun, just flying around abducting random vehicles, and especially messing with people on multiplayer, just take their nice vehicle with them in it, and fly to the highest altitude and drop it. And steal coins from peds, or weapons from the police.
  8. Didnt thought about that. Oh wait its maybe 1000 miles away, IT JUST LOOKS LIKE THAT. P.S. It could be trevor flying around. R* said we can see them living...
  9. I have said something like this before in this topic. But it has been deleted. Some posts of mine have been deleted for no reason if this is going to be deleted too, I just re post it. If i dont come back tommorow, then i probably am banned or something. (just sayin). PS I have also said that about the protagonist before it was anounced. Thanks for reading.
  10. I want to see the Stretch E from TBOGT. (It was in the mission where you picked up the diamonds from that guy and then The lost MC attacked you.)
  11. Someone ever thought about custom controls? I liked the standard configuration on IV for driving a car but when you got out of the car it was bullshit to me, or when you got into a heli.
  12. Franklin should have the option to mod cars in garages if not it should be in online multyplayer.
  13. If GTA V comes out on PS4 you get $500 from me but untill its released, please stop talking like a hippie thats says the world is going to end.
  14. A hardcore veteran mode with NO HUD. PS If you shoot someone in the leg he or she will lay on the ground and scream (or cry) untill an paramedic comes. In gta you can shoot people in the leg multiple times and he or she stands back up and runs and screams.
  15. What if Rockstar was the ONLY game company in the world? How many workers would rockstar have? What if Rockstar ONLY focused on GTA. What if Niko Bellic never existed? What if porn was never invented? What if Rockstar didn't had an internet connection What if Grand Theft Auto never got developed? Many questions that maybe will be answered.
  16. MIB 1 I want a car like this, for when i'm in a hurry. There was a place in IV where you could drive on walls for some seconds if you where going fast enough.
  17. This made Jimmy smile. Doing the first missions is what I'm going to do. When a mission is to difficult for me, I just go walking around, jump off buildings, kill 1 or maybe 2 pedestrians!!! Go to the millitairy base and shoot down other flying things like hydra's and birds.
  18. It would be 5 years if rockstar hired 4x more more workers than they had now GTA6 would most likely be on PS4, so the graphics will be higher, and the map will be bigger. There will be much more things on GTA 6 then there will be on GTA 5. That GTA 5 took 5 years to develop doesnt mean that GTA 6 will be the same. I have 1 more thing to say: " Xbox 720 will never be published" The Xbox 360 came out earlier than PS3 . Microsoft has more time to develop the 720, but what do they have? They dont even have a prototype yet. And sony is anouncing theirs soon. Microsoft will surrender and now everyone that wants the next gen console has to buy the PS4 And than everyone can play online for FREE!!! :)
  19. You look like that crazy hippie from the movie "2012". I have one thing to say, the end of the world isnt coming. It can be that Rockstar keeps it a secret for us, so there will be no chaos. But i have still one thing to say. Dan Houser isn't Barrack Obama. And rockstar is the government. My points is: " you look like THAT hippie"
  20. I dont understand rockstar. Teir taking many fun stuff from previous gta's out because they wanted it to be fresh. But the cars stay the same? That is bull(...) to me. Never flying a hydra is the same as never played SA.