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  1. The Lost And Damned was nice but that was a whole game about bikers. This is just an update that adds some biker things. EDIT: I do like this update but I don't really feel it. I think it is because of the city Los Santos is got boring really fast. While I never got bored of Liberty City, That map had everything minus the countryside. TLAD fitted very well with the city while LS Feels like an open space with some building in the way.
  2. Yeah, I don't think bikers would have millions to spend on bikes and clubhouses.
  3. My opinion on the new update: The new bikes are nice and not even expensive, there is one bike that cost almost $1M and one of $210k but the others are around 100k. Clubhouses are like CEO offices but more MCish (and also relatively cheap). I have not tried the new missions yet, but they look like a lot of fun. Melee while on a bike didn't work for some reason. I give it a 5/7. I am actually more excited about that tron bike in those pictures.
  4. I would like to join once, it looks like a lot of fun, but i live on the other side on the atlantic and those timezones aren't doing me a favor. 6PM EST is 00:00 for me. Might try to join next month if the ping won't be problem.
  5. That trailer didn't even look like GTA anymore.
  6. No I haven't sold my gold plated Ferrari's in real life yet.
  7. No I sold them so I don't have to buy shark cards.
  8. You may have already seen these but I found some more pictures of the new cars.
  9. I remember when I had a garage full of supercars. Dunno what happened.
  10. After selling a full small warehouse I only got around 100k profit. I spend around an 1 hour filling my warehouse, Spend 1 million on the office, 250k on the warehouse. So I will need to play these CEO missions for around 13 hours to earn my money back. Not worth it for me.
  11. Even with the single 2k package, once the public is alerted on my activities, I immediately got 10 people behind me. Its very annoying and unfair to be honest. Its basically you vs the rest of the lobby. Unless you're in a lobby with 4 people or something.
  12. Update has downloaded, lets see what we got. Remember that rusty boat from GTA IV. It costs just $1.250.000!!! cheapest office is 1 mil you can sort of custumize your office you can buy a gun locker to store your weapons (only $520.000) you can also buy a safe, I don't know why since you can also store your money at the bank but for only $335.000, why not? and you can add an accommodation to your office for only 800k there are small,medium or large warehouses, the cheapest small one costs 250k medium cost around 1mil and large around 3mil
  13. I'm going to spam heists this weekend. This looks like an interesting update to me and I really want one of those offices. If the offices(and/or warehouses) are expensive then the jobs must pay well, so you can have fun and earn your money back.
  14. Those offices look expensive as fuck can be. I'll just sell my kidney to buy sharkcards.
  15. I wouldn't say IV handling was good but in my opinion it is better than V. V's driving is just so boring.
  16. He removed all of his work from his website. I don't think it will be a remastered IV though. Maybe A story dlc in LC but still GTA V.
  17. Well the city allready exists and is in pretty good condition too. About the physics, they would probably use the RAGE 2 Engine, Of course they would need to make a lot of adjustments to make it fit with GTA V, Its still less work than creating a totally different city. And making more money from something that you already have used sounds like a good deal to me, also because many people probably wouldn't bother if they reused liberty city as a DLC.
  18. Interesting, Could be just a small project he worked on himself. Liberty City is by far my favorite fictional city, I hope this is real but people have also been able to mod SA in the RAGE engine.
  19. I have saved around $2M for this update. It probably won't buy much, but at least I can have some fun.
  20. So is this coming out anytime soon or what? I hope its a big update with a lot of new stuff, And that trafficking sounds fun. I'm tired of replaying missions a 100 times to get money so I hope new contact missions will be available.
  21. I think I fixed the emblem problem. (EDIT: The emblem appeared on the car again after I relaunched the game.) After i removed the emblem I bought a new part and the crew emblem isn't showing up anymore, don't know how long it will stay that way. I also have that problem with the jackets, but I don't use that anyway so its not a problem for me. And I finally was able to join the pacific standard heist finale with random people, and the leader gave me 20% even though I didn't help him with setups or anything, but during the heist the game was glitching, The HUD was missing and they died pretty fast because we could not see our health bar. EDIT: The emblem appeared on the car again after I relaunched the game.
  22. I'm having trouble with removing the crew emblem on my car. Everytime i remove it, it comes back after a couple of minutes. My car is a fully upgraded vigero. Does anyone else have this problem and knows how to fix it? I'm on PS4 btw
  23. You're right, Online=Multiplayer, but missions with a storyline wich you can play with other people would be nice to have. But then you can only play with players that are just as far (or further if they don't spoil things) in the story as you, so you won't join a lobby where they are already in the final mission while you have just started the story.
  24. I agree, Rockstar can easily add some missions to the game to make it look like it has a story. Just like Heists but without the heist part.