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  1. There are oil rigs out in the ocean near LA plus there is a little thing on the left horizon far in the distance of the submarine pic that could potentially be one: I dont think thats an oil rig. But if it is an oil rig, deathmatch or T-Deathmatch would be nice there Remember the quality of the zoom is low, it could be etherything: cargo ship, passenger jet, a bug, or an island with palm trees on it.
  2. I really want the police system to improve. if the cops didnt even see me how the motherf****ng hell did they know that it was me. Even when your outside there view and switch cars they knew you where in that car. Or when they dont see you, how do they know where you are. It would be pretty cool when you are wanted and you got out of there sights, you jump into a dumpster and see the police pass by
  3. Did anyone think that when they finish GTA V, they will start working on gta 6 over 1/3 years when ps4/xbox720 come out. So 2 years + 8/9 years developing is 10/11 years waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI And that the ipad is 5 times bigger than the iphone 5
  4. Its the same. The sound comes from the rocket. What your holding is just a pipe with a trigger, a silencer for that not possible. A bullet makes the noise inside the gun. The RPG makes the noise outside the pipe. + the RPG from GTA IV didnt make that much noise
  5. Or a map mod? ---- All i now is that RDR is bigger than IV and SA (not combined). But the travel stays faster in GTA because we have F620's and super GT's.
  6. They should make the peds as realistic as they can. The police should be realistic, still a bit stupid but not retarded. Michael should give his friends some money. Trevor should kill President, Stewie banana. Franklin should learn to drive a car.
  7. In GTA IV when someone attacks you in front of the police he will (maybe) be arrested. I would like selfdefend me without getting a wanted level. I once followed an arrested ped in GTA IV. When the police finnaly arrested the man they put him/her in their car, but when the police stops their car the arested man would get out and run away. (This happened 20 times in one arrestation, then i killed them all because it was getting anoying)
  8. They said they wont want to change anything about the characters or the properties of it. Its bullshiTT. CJ (thrown out a police car with only $360 in his pocket. Became a multibilionare by doing missions for hippies. Got 20 girlfriends. survived multiple enemy driveby's. Killed big pappa wearing a bulletproof vest. Has 50 properties. And became a cop + paramedic.
  9. I doubt that theory, it was demonstrated in max payne 3 that attachments had a purpose, and changed stats of guns in that gamed, being a game that progresses and is subsequent to mp3, they might as well implement that. Maybe the red dot of tbogt on the p90 did increase the accuracy, but you just dont know it.
  10. That would be funny. R* could make 4 different interiors and copy/paste in every house randomly And do the same for big buildings. They did this in IV when you entered appartments stairs
  11. I want franklins repo missions to be sort of a side mission like gang wars from TLAD or the nightclub from TBOGT.
  12. Emergency services and the airport should have an interior. Also Taxi's backseat sight should be more realistic
  13. LS needs a casino. I missed it in IV. There was a casino in IV but it was broken down. (Online -> Party -> Spawn location) They should make GTA 6 in Las Venturas. ( also has a desert)
  14. I pre-orderd the game 8 month ago. I thought the game would be that good the disc would sold out
  15. When I bought GTA IV I was really exited about the game, I didn't know what to do first. It made the missions less interesting because I wanted to hurry. So I will explore the map first before I do the missions.
  16. In every GTA you can have 10 weapons at the same time. It would be more realistic if you could have only 3 weapons or something. Weapon 1: Assault's or RPG's - On your back Weapon 2: Pistol + knife - Somewhere under your jacket Weapon 3: explosives (Grenade/C4) - Somewhere
  17. How DARE you question my sincerity, sir! Were we to have this conversation face to face, I would have no choice but to remove my glove, strike you across the face with it, and demand satisfaction! You may choose weaponry, time, and location. I await your response, you devilish rouge. Location: Atlantis Weapon: dual socks filled with butter. Time: 15:00:00:00:00:00:00:01 (Next year) Don't be late
  18. If Max Payne 3 wasn't made GTA 5 would be out a year ago Some female dogs have that but it isn't that big like chop's, so chop must be a male. And also very funny that they put that detail in. I think this screenshot s taken somewhere close to the trainstation.
  19. I know that nowone will do wat is on there to-do-list. If you start the game for the first time you will see stuff that are more awesome than those things on your to-do-list. ... Eventually you will do them sometime
  20. I really would like a FlatBoat ( A boat version of the flatbed ). But 3x times bigger than a flatbed.
  21. In GTA IV if you get to the highest point in a heli you will get an awesome view of Liberty City, you could see how small LC was. In V it will be different Good idea, a to do list. Going to make a to do list too. ^ My To-dolist ^ 1# Playing mission 1 2# Get a car and test the driving physics 3# Testing the police 4# Playing mission 2 5# Get a Cuban 800 and explore the map