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  1. We already saw a new car based on the R8 in the trailer. Allready knew that, I just said that I want it. But thanks for taking the time.
  2. Sometimes when the police is running after a thug they should call backup, Because they never catch them. I only see the thug die by smashing itself to a driving car because he just run forward.
  3. A rampage season If you kill many people/police, then other criminals will do the same while your holding up the police and there will become a chaos on the streets. If you die/arrest, the police will try to catch the other criminals untill the chaos is over. I don't think it will snow in LA (Los Santos). Longer hours would be awesome too. In TBOGT when you where running the club, after 3 minutes you where done because it became daylight again. A freezy weather would be awesome. You have to wear thicker clothes if you don't want to pass out. Bullets do less damage to you It becomes slippy on the road (even more than a wet road) Change that the lock of your car is freezed
  4. It would be awesome if you could kidnap the president/mayor or other important people with your crew and earn money if you succeed.
  5. If you have a 1 star wanted level they should use a taser. If your hit by a taser you should fall on the ground and lay down for 1/2 seconds And then slowly get up. In gta 4 if you resist arrest they shot you to death. (GTA says that your not dead but that you pass out) And if the police uses a 9mm they should atleast shoot you in the leg and not in the face! P.S I just found out that police officers in GTA 4 use snipers too (own experience - PS3) The snipers were (****) retarded, it shot like all his mags and the bullets didn't even come close The police in GTA V should have better trained officers, because GTA 4 officers look like babies with guns! PART 2 In gta sa the police rammed the back side of your car to stop you ( if your in a car escaping). The GTA 4 police Just let the second officer shoot me while the other one is driving. PART 3 In GTA 4 if you were shooting in your aparrtement, the police came inside and try to arrest you I hope you can lock and/or barricade it, and that the police will try to ram it in GTA 5. THE POLICE IN 4 IS TOO AGRESSIVE! it would be funny if there were dumb fat officers eating donuts and other officers thinking they are too sexy that it should be a crime.
  6. If you watch the first trailer you can hear the voice of someone. Its the voice of an young person. My suspects: -Guy in red car -Guy that is hiking (there are three man hiking and I mean the guy in the center of the two other people) Fact 1: The voice is more of an young american. No hispanc or african!!! It also doesn't sound like an black person. The guy in the red car is kinda hispanic,african,black. Fact 2: The voice REALLY DOESN'T sound like an 50 years old guy (blue car). The voice of the trailer really sounds like the main character. Fact 3: The guy thats hiking does look like he is on an free day The guy in the trailer said he wanted to retire from what he was doing (criminal bussines). The hiker looks like he's on a holliday. Fact 4: The hiker is an young american and the voice of the trailer really sound like the hiking man. ------------------------------------ CJ And his family had a black voice. The voice of the guy in the trailer doesn't sound black (no racist meanins) ------------------------------------ The voice of the trailer doesn't sound like an hispanic african guy either. The guy thats hiking just fits perfectly with the voice!!! Main character: Guy thats hiking in the mountains. This is just my research and no leakage or something! Those other two charecters could be DLC or his family/friends Like sanandreas: (sweet, ryder, big smoke, cesar vialpando) Those characters were important in the game too. This could be in gta v also
  7. There should be an area51like zone were the army have shooting training and if you have a 6 star wanted level that the tanks must come from over that place. So if yor far away it takes a while till the tanks arives. I have an huge fantasy its just that i'm too lazy to post more. That would be [email protected]& [email protected]€ awesome. It would be like your are the most most most wanted top criminal mastermind of the FBI. Some people are just awesome
  8. F620 (IV) Tank / APC (IV) Sultan (SA) FBI Rancher (SA) / FIB Buffalo (IV) Police Bike (SA + IV-TBOGT-MULTYPLAYER) Police Buffalo (IV-TBOGT-MULTYPLAYER) Super turbo fast Police vehicle An updated version of: Corvette (coquette) (more details) Lamborghini (infernus) (nicer back) Porche (comet) (nicer back) Newcars: Audi R8 (seen in trailer)
  9. Me too, To be honest I Like gta san andreas even more then gta iv. The map was huge and the possibilities are great When i heard that gta v will be in los santos i was about to throw gta iv out the window. So i hate it when people complain about graphics. P.S. The bushes are fine
  10. If the map size is so big i hope there would be many important people. And that you could kidnap those people.
  11. Stopping truck in the midnight with black creatures? WTF! Its not a horror movie. Damn crazy!!!
  12. Think a little! Their could be an island with an airport (because there is no bridge/tunnel leading to it) and an INT airport in LS.