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  1. Of course not, If i am in the desert i want to go to the other side as fast as i can. If LS is between it it would slow me down.
  2. I'm a little worried about the "bigger then SA+RDR+IV". I dont fucking care about the underwater, you can't drive a comet underwater. EDIT: Ok you can drive a comet underwater but you can't drive 100 m/ph underwater.
  3. Anyone knows if you can modify a cop car? Maybe we can only mod the car under the hood, because you can't modify a cop car in RL. But maybe we can make undercover vehicles with LED lights.
  4. ... I just said how small that would be. PS 100 DAYS LEFT!!!!!
  5. R* said we would have “3 bars” not 1 bar, the guy that made that drawing must have some kind of sight problem or he was dreaming. the bar he draw is the same size as the radar, that would leave 1/3 for health etc, and the radar is small enough. so the 1 health/armor/special bar is just too small. PS did rockstar confirmed that ther would be a square radar¿ if not, they could use the same HUD from IV but instead of 2 bars around the radar they could make it 3
  6. You ever had 2 women at once? 4 big titties to be playing with. I really want a casino in V, I missed it in IV
  7. In CoD you had the multiplayer mode: "Infected" I would like to see this in V. But instead of being a normal person, the infected have to be zombies, and instead of using a knife to infect others, the zombies should bite you. EDIT, Just forget about all this, the map is too big.
  8. I looked back at the screenshot of the cuban 800 at the coast. And i saw a police chase at the bottom right corner. Maybe this is from a mision or you'r not the only one that gets a 3 star wanted level in this state PS Why does almost all weapons we have seen have a green color
  9. I think the aircraft and watercraft customization will only be paintjobs. getting shiny rims on an airplane that i'm going to crash anyway is not what i'm going to do. Actually its sounds awesome but its still a waste of your hard earned money.
  10. i fuking like the officers hangingon the side of the car ijust ram them and hey are all dead.
  11. PS why do i see google in the "X user(s) are reading this topic" Ok so lets say its just your giant ass with a tattoo on it.
  12. They only mentioned shipwrecks and an airplane loaded with drugs. ?
  13. That's what I thought initially. You can see the letters ECK ( i think ) in the bottom left corner. Letters dont grow naturally PS manhunt is available on PSN now.
  14. A portable underwater submarine camera. XD I'm being serious.
  15. The things i noticed. "The most advanced millitairy vehicles yet to be seen" (page 55) Brand new aproach to open world multyplayer details to come!!!!! "Dont forget:" page 58. Hidden millitairy base, steal millitairy technology, chased acrosse the entire state. Climbing the vinewood sign is not reccomended lol. Heavy machinery on grapeseed farm. You can jump out of a plane with scuba gear. A new boat named: "zodiac rib" Rockstar is still putting new ideas in the game. The police reacts to your car? And reacts different if your rich? Possibility to hire a car (maybe we hire the car for a cheaper price and just steal it.) Yea
  16. The police vehicles havn't been updated, they just added some. I saw many people thinking that the police cars where updated, no. Maybe you already figured this out. But i am to lazy to read previous posts.