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  1. Where the fuck did these come from. Their awesome The 7th screen is what i wanted to see
  2. In SA you had car, boat and airplane schools. I want them to return so i can practise those things.
  3. Do you think its a cruise or a ferry? I hope it is a cruise.
  4. I just saw this in the new screenshot from the airplane above the beach. Do those boats move or do they stay ther like TBOGT. I think they move because they are too close to the pier to stay there forever. Maybe we can even control it. Its not really fast but its better then swimming, would be nice to hijack that boat with important people in it. And then i kill them all and i steal all their money. Maybe we get an island where people go to with that.
  5. If you want to search for a man/women you ise the police computer (its in a police car).
  6. The grafity on the walls also say "the hills" and "killer hills". Is this a gang or are do they know micheal because he's a killer too and he lives in the vinewood hills.
  7. Did you guys hear the fucking care engine sounds. :D . Oh yeah and franklin is really badass. :|, like we all didnt know that... 77 users reading this topic. 66 guests.
  8. I want this to be in V: - Buy a siren and put them on every car you want. (If this will not come i want to be able to mod police cars.) - Hire a stripper for a private dance in my house. - if we cannot mod cars they should atleast give us the option to make the windows of your car bulletproof (I also want to lock my car from the inside so the police or annoying people on multyplayer cant get in. - Buy toys like an RC plane with guns or bombs on it.
  9. I still dont understand it. I have been playing SA on PS2 and PC since it came out and a never heard of kifflom or maybe they once mention it and i forgot. I guess i should play SA from the beginning again.
  10. You dont need a parachute for suicide The wingsuit could be an outfit you could get from your wardrobe.
  11. Cognoscenti is Latin. It means "those who know". It's just a generic luxury car, I doubt Mafia connotations were intended in its design. I bet you searched that up on Google translate.
  12. You shouldnt say sorry, **** that guy. I want to make a picture of a dead stripper and set is as my background.
  13. Catching a police cruiser while he's chasing you. Would be funny if you would brake right in front of him and then close the gates or whatever so they cant get out.
  14. I would call the cognoscenti a huntley instead of cognoscenti. But it got used in IV as a car for the mafia. So they gave it an italian name
  15. This is probably stupid but I'm confused. What will you be doing? He means destroying flora
  16. Dude, did you even play the game? He's not fucking russian. He's from serbia. (Balkan) Try to translate some words he said to roman.