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  1. i just hope they delay next gen consoles till at least mid 2014 or end 2014
  2. iv health was good... but not easy death by bullets.. can become frustrating when your on low health and looking for health pack/prostitute frantically, but get killed before you get any.
  3. Military coming into action after 5 stars wanted... 6th is military intervention. i want them to have tanks, grenades and RPGs... like GTA 1. that was cool. destruction is the key.
  4. can't believe there's actually sharks. i think its there to stop us wondering out too far... the far we go to see the more sharks... maybe
  5. trains are good. nice to put into reverse full speed and crash it !
  6. buy women... who spawn to the safe house. and get health from a quickie.
  7. yeah i like the saint row method but then it wouldnt be realistic. rather just mod it and then driver back home and save in garage.
  8. they'll be great for doing silent robberies, shoot out the cameras then rob the place etc etc. but a headache if i want to do just a rampage and cops keep coming... will annoy me, a feeling i have.
  9. is there any evidence that GTA 5 WILL have gangs? can't find any official word on it.
  10. asda got a release date as 17th May.... who knows....,pd.html
  11. height is great... cant stand it when we used to go up a bit and the plane starts to drop. less of a skydive.
  12. looking at how the cars handle, i think its a big improvement, seems like more sharp steering... only way to find out is actual game play
  13. It's said before but....TODAY IS THE MOTHAFACKIN DAY!