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  1. http://www.jeuxactu....kstar-84237.htm http://www.insidegam...8/gta-5-preview a few links
  2. link: http://www.jeuxactu....kstar-84237.htm Run through Google Translate... GTA 5: SAW ON A TIME GAMEPLAY AT ROCKSTAR NEW YORK! Say that GTA V is the most anticipated game of 2013 is an understatement. Officially announced just last year by broadcasting a first trailer, which was immediately shelled by fanatics eager to learn more about the world of this episode, as happened just after muted radio history to raise the sauce and keep the whole mystery about it. But it is now time for Rockstar Games to unpack his bag and then tell us what we can expect in the spring of 2013, at which time GTA V will land on PS3 and Xbox 360. To do this, a handful of the world's media picked had the privilege to go to New York to attend a live demo of the game (running on PS3), but also talk to Dan Houser, head chef and thinking of Rockstar Games. If this is the magazine Game Informer who represented the United States for this exclusion, France is JEUXACTU was chosen for this first look first. Here without further delay our revelations. Marketing strategies at Rockstar Games are such that there is no room for chance, and if the American publisher has chosen the month of November 2012 for the real information about GTA V scatter like a real wildfire on the web, this is consistent with the release of the first trailer of the game, released November 2, 2011. Who else besides Rockstar can afford such a silence for a long period? Person, we agree, especially when you see how other publishers take the opposite direction by flooding the media screenshots and promotional videos ad nauseam. For Rockstar Games, no need to brag about anything goes, and it is well known, less is known and we want to discover what lies behind this mystery orchestrated. This goes along with the game of course, and the series in general, who intends to recover his crown of best-selling game in the world. Because do not forget, before Call of Duty become the phenomenon that it is today, before it's GTA which reigned supreme in the world charts. In any case, the ambitions for GTA 5 are so important that Rockstar Games will make sure success is waiting for you, and this translates to begin by rethinking the genre as a whole. "We hope with GTA V, create the game ultimate open-world, who push the limits of current consoles into their limits," said one of the leaders of Rockstar in the room with us, just before starting the The demo of the game with GTA 5 idea is to offer an open living and dynamic, able finally to respond accordingly to the actions of the player during his peregrinations. GTA IV GTA was the first to propose a realization in high definition, but also one that had finally lingered to detail to make the world more believable. Because as everyone knows, is the attention to detail that is often able to make a difference. MASSIVELY SINGLE PLAYER Los Santos is the perfect replica of Los Angeles Rockstar Games went even further in 2010 with Red Dead Redemption by not limiting the open-world games in a single city. John Marston, the hero could go hunting in gigantic plains, offering the player more opportunities for interesting gameplay. Rockstar Games then invented an entire ecosystem that only enhanced the feeling of immersion. The world of GTA V was built according to this expertise acquired over the years and games, and even the studio Rockstar North is the developer of record, all of the firm's internal studios put his hand to the dough to make the game GTA V ultimate open world as promised. And began production until the release of GTA 4, in 2008. It is simple to prove to us the enormity of their ambitions, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the city of Los Santos (an almost perfect replica of Los Angeles) is 4-5 times larger than Liberty City in GTA IV. And to have a more precise idea of ​​the thing, simply add the world of GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption to measure how much the world of GTA 5 will be huge, and the word is ... The process of creating Los Santos is equivalent to the Liberty City of GTA IV, in the sense that the developers went to Los Angeles several times, including Dan Houser, to identify places, take pictures and to imagine up scenarios of various missions. Huge. This universe is not limited only to the city, offering a wide variety of landscapes where the missions take us into rural America, but also the deepest ocean! During our interview in head-to-head with Dan Houser, it has confirmed that underwater area was developed in the game, and even if it was evasive on our question, we have s' expect missions that play among fishes. A first. Rockstar Games developers have also made the decision to make the world of GTA V available in its entirety at the outset that there will be no new areas to unlock as was the case in all the GTA-like so far. A deliberate choice to ensure consistency of course (since when portions of cities remain inaccessible in real life?), But also to introduce this new feature we suspected from the appearance of the first trailer, namely the presence of three playable characters in the game And once the grass analysts were right! THREE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE Michael, the brains Michael is a thug tidy and wealthy Forget the wacky names such as Albert De Silva we have read here and there on forums around the world (in fact, the day when a hero is called GTA like that need to think about starting a petition) Rockstar Games has always treated the surname of his heroes. The first that was presented to us is Michael, the one seen in profile in the first trailer, which overlooks the city from a steady gaze. Early fifties, married with two children with whom he has had trouble getting respect, it has one of the most beautiful villas in upscale neighborhoods of Los Santos. Pool, jacuzzi, gym, tennis court and luxury cars, he has cleverly put money robberies he realized when he was younger. If today is a former thug tidy, he became a father lambda with everyday problems. During the demo of the game, we have seen take a sunbath at the edge of the pool, dressed in his blue shirt and beige shorts of his, before getting up and we discover, tap the feet (and sounds which go with), the different parts of its prestigious residence before moving to his garage, ride BMX and his son from traveling the neighborhoods of Los Santos. A nice way to introduce a bit of the city, before switching to Franklin, the second character of the band. Franklin, the ambitious Franklin and his Rottweiler, Chop It is an African-American who reminds the course Carl Johnson GTA: San Andreas features the same look as gangster rap (you said cliché?) With its baggy, his big feet and Timberland t-shirts too big for his size. Because he is the youngest of three heroes of GTA V (it has about twenty), it is also the most motivated of all as he aims to succeed in life, regardless of the means. It is also no coincidence that Michael takes as a model and respect him for his exemplary career mobster. Franklin saw the moment of his sordid little deals, but by partnering with this small gang led by Michael, he hopes to move up quickly and become a respected boss of Los Santos. The demo of the game has allowed us to see him walk towards Venice Beach (Beach Vespucchi renamed in the game) and what surprised us once, it's incredible faithfulness places. Whether alleys, buildings, shops or people that we used to cross there, everything is there! The atmosphere is so true to life that even the usual acrobats were modeled to perfection. The - cunt - mime was not forgotten God knows many of us will make him the party once the game is released ... Franklin Chop saw otherwise with his Rottweiler, we will see several times in the game and obviously a play that role in the scenario, if you believe the developers. And why not a mission in the skin of the beast? Let's crazy ... Travor, the psychopath Travor and charisma crazy! Then remains Travor the last protagonist and certainly one that could attract the envy of gamers. The opposite of Michael with his look neglected (pronounced baldness, no taste for outfits), he lives in an old shack near industrial areas and abandoned Los Santos. Former military that went wrong, Travor displays a disgusting lifestyle and see scratching his balls while walking or complain about having the anus after defecation burning like a pig is an integral part of his personality. Throughout his career and his mentality, Travor is an unscrupulous man, who will not hesitate to fire into a crowd pacifist, just for the fun of killing people. During the demo, we saw go to the parking lot of a liquor market driving his old pickup, spray the vehicle was parked on the side with a gas can, get away, get his gauge and pull the liquid to detonate the device. All with a nonchalance edifying. This is the character with whom we will love playing psychopaths and when you try to compare it with Niko Bellic, we respond immediately: "The difference between Niko and Travor is that Niko had a minimum of conscience, He did not kill for pleasure. Travor someone is mentally disturbed. He has no limits ... "A vitriolic portrait makes him our favorite character, without the slightest hesitation. CALIFORNIA REST IN PEACE. SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE Missions in GTA 5 will take us to the heights of Los Santos Three characters each with their own personality and playable simultaneously, is the promise held by Rockstar Games GTA with V. This finding is arriving very early in the production of the game, almost the same time as the episodes came out Rockstar Annexes GTA IV: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. These two extensions proposed for the first time the player to discover the same city, Liberty City, under a new angle of view through different heroes. These also crossed in a few sequences, offering a mise en abyme quite unexpected. As for GTA 5, whether mandatory missions or quests, the player can at any time switcher character, through a dedicated circular menu. When manip ', the camera will switch to aerial and Google Earth dézoomera way to identify where the character is selected and switch to it. For the revolution that GTA V is to provide a persistent world, in the sense that each hero vaquera not control himself to his work. It will not be safe to land in the middle of a chase with the police or catch one of them doing shopping, take a dip in the pool or masturbating in front of a porno film (extrapolated). The idea is to Rockstar surprise the player at any time, and who feels compelled to switch heroes regularly or lose the thread of the story. If it all works off mission, everything was built as the main objectives to make a trio too. OCEAN ELEVEN There will always break car windows to steal To do this, the developers have revealed one of the first missions of the game, when Michael, Franklin and Travor still do not know very well and their relations are of the order of cordial. As a leader, Michael has made an appointment to go to Franklin Travor and release one of their fellow swung the hands of the Police, which employs torture to make him talk. From the hangar where the three thugs were given appointments, they take off in a helicopter towards the building where their friend is being held prisoner. As a former military Travor is taking control of the machine, while Michael, holding robber (gas mask on the nose), stands next to fire. As for Franklin, he hopped on his bike to get to the building located in front of the building and provide targeted support with his sniper rifle. Each of these missions will be an opportunity for our three thieves to speak them, we reveal anecdotes about their private lives and better understand the relationships between them. GTA V will, like its predecessors, a game chatty for our greatest pleasure, and given the presence of three characters, the size of the scenario is three times bigger than that of GTA IV. Necessarily ... That is the great strength of the new GTA V game, providing a sustained, no timeout, preventing the player from stuffing maneuvers unnecessary and cumbersome. The best example given by the developers on site, is that of Ocean's Eleven, a film which follows the adventures of 11 robbers, each with its own specialty and never bored for a moment because the password one to the other at their best sequences. " The character customization is deliberately limited Once arrived at our destination mobsters, Michael rappels down the building glass, mark the floor where his contact was manhandled by the cops and broke the window with his feet after taking momentum (the sequence is activated by pressing the Triangle button on the controller). After grabbed by the neck, he threatens to blow his brains to avoid a shootout with the cops incongruous. That's when we switched to Franklin, using his sniper rifle, eliminates cops barricaded in the room. It should be noted that during this sequence of play, the computer - which took control of Michael - did back in the helicopter. This is why, when iron in the skin of Michael, it is already in the firing position as the helicopter Travor is chased by the police who brought in reinforcements by air. That is the great strength of the new GTA V game, providing a sustained, no timeout, preventing the player from stuffing maneuvers unnecessary and cumbersome. The best example given by the developers on site, is that of Ocean's Eleven, a film which follows the adventures of 11 robbers, each with its own specialty and never bored for a moment because the password one to the other at their best sequences. If the mission is to play three characters for most of the time, some will be made to two, while others, more rare, will solo. Anyway, if you happen to lose one of your snowmen during a mission, it's Game Over and insurance replay the mission to its success. CALIFORNICATION Michael travels to Los Santos in BMX and tap. Class! Player in curious we are, the integration of the three protagonists in adventure led us to believe that Rockstar Games had finally decided to give us a GTA in cooperation. The question we asked is Dan Houser, who replied, shouting loud and clear that there is no coop 'of anticipated GTA 5. The reason is simple and also very logical: to establish a system of cooperation between three players would play an episode of GTA Typically, each player controls one character at a time. Wish that Rockstar Games foremost, is offer the player a new experience that forcing him to switch to a character to another at will and depending on the situation. Introduce a coop mode 'would be destroying the whole point of these three playable heroes simultaneously. As to the question of multiplayer, we of course discussed, but at this first look, it was too early to get information about it. However, we could see during the demo that can be accessed via the menu circular serves switcher character, while Dan Houser teasait us with these words: "You have seen what we did with the multi GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, I leave you to imagine what you can do with GTA V ... "Words that speak volumes about the ambitions of Rockstar wishing to revolutionize a genre that has itself created. Moreover, in this business of conquest, the developers have completely redesigned the structure of the game, including driving vehicles, but the gunfights fighting hand-to-hand combat. Dan Houser has reminded us that GTA V will enjoy the expertise of all internal studios, that the conduct was overseen by the developers of Midnight Club: Los Angeles, offering exemplary roadholding and driving close to a racing game. Regarding system gunfight and close combat, expertise Max Payne 3 has been put to use, which promises a wealth of gameplay simply mind blowing. Wish that Rockstar Games foremost, is offer the player a new experience that forcing him to switch to a character to another at will and depending on the situation. Introduce a coop mode 'would be destroying the whole point of these three playable heroes simultaneously. " Franklin often travels by motorbike in GTA 5 Rockstar Games, but will not stop in so good way and also benefit from the advent of new technologies of today to adapt to the world of GTA 5. In the previous game, Niko Bellic used his mobile phone to stay connected with friends. We were in 2008. GTA V, since the story is contemporary and will take place in 2013, our three heroes will have smartphones and can even, it was understood by developers, go surfing on social networks such Facebook or Twitter. Like missions where Niko Bellic was surfing the web in the cyber cafes, GTA V could we repeat the same trick with social networks. Regarding customizing hero, it will voluntarily limited. No physical changes as was the case with GTA: San Andreas, but the opportunity to loll as we see fit, going shopping, just like GTA 4. This allows Rockstar Games not to distort the charisma of its characters and their consécrer efforts with other elements of gameplay. All these sidelines, Rockstar is fond of, like mini-games that will occupy a prominent place also in GTA V. There will be less this time, but they will be much more developed to the point that some of them such as tennis and golf games are full. "Many consider the game of poker in Red Dead Redemption as one of the best on the market. We will give you the same output with tennis and golf in GTA V" says Dan Houser before adding that GTA V will also benefit a soundtrack created specifically for the game, to provide specific music to accompany key moments in the game, of course, we will find a whole list of radio listening in a loop, and a selection of songs that still once, will impress your guests. Of course, there is still much to discover about the world of GTA V, but Rockstar Games has shown, however generous for a first look which allowed us to gather valuable information. These will complement other previews to come, but also by Dan Houser interview we have done during our stay in New York. A head-to-head about an hour alongside one of the most powerful men in the video game industry. Also perhaps one of the most interesting ...
  3. omg. i think that 12th is the gta5 day. so many websites, mazines give us all the news about gat5. 3 biggest day after gameinfomer issue and trailer 2 days.
  4. GTA 5 : RENDEZ-VOUS LUNDI 12 NOVEMBRE POUR NOS PREVIEW, INTERVIEW ET REPORTAGE VIDÉO EXCLUSIFS ! Si Game Informer a été le seul magazine américain à avoir pu approcher GTA 5 de très près, dévoilant ainsi toutes les premières informations sur le jeu de Rockstar Games, en France, c'est JEUXACTU qui a eu l'exclusivité de ce qu'on appelle un first look. En effet, il y a un peu moins de 3 semaines, quelques jours avant l'arrivée de l'ouragan Sandy, nous étions à New York pour assister à la première démo de GTA 5. Une démo de près d'une heure où le jeu nous a été révélé en avant- première, et à laquelle se sont rajoutés une interview exclusive et un reportage vidéo. L'ensemble sera posté lundi 12 novembre 2012 durant toute la journée, afin que vous puissiez tout savoir de ce qui vous attend au printemps 2013, date de sortie de ce très attendu GTA V. Restez donc bien connectés sur JEUXACTU ! link: sorry on from mobile plz translate ur self guys
  5. no fun playing when u know everything about the game . lol
  6. While Game Informer's world exclusive preview on Grand Theft Auto V hits the digital newsstand later today, two publications in the Netherlands have tweeted that they will publish their own previews of the game this Monday, November 12th, on their respective websites. Both received a preview on the game at Rockstar Games' New York City office. InsideGamer heeft de kans gekregen om exclusief GTA 5 te checken in New York. Lees vanaf 12 november alles over deze topgame van 2013 op IG! translation: Insidegamer has the opportunity to GTA 5 exclusive check in New York. Read all about it from 12 November 2013 Major games on IG! -InsideGamer GTA V. We hebben 'm in actie gezien. En erover gesproken met de makers. Lees 12 november alles over de nieuwe Grand Theft Auto op translation: GTA V. We got him in action. And talked to the creators. November 12 Read all about the new Grand Theft Auto on Another publication have also mentioned on their website (since removed) that they received a preview of the game and that they will publish it later this month. This is, without a doubt, strong evidence pointing towards further previews hitting the web this month - starting this Monday! Definitely an explosive blowout of information and assets on the game.
  7. Starting today, Grand Theft Auto V is officially available for pre-order everywhere. For those of you that might prefer online retail to the more traditional brick and mortar, we've included a list of links to some popular retailers below (we'll add additional international retail links here as they become available). We're also making available the newest official artwork from the game that was featured in last week's announcement. Grab “Beach Weather” from the Rockstar Downloads page and look for much, much more to be revealed - including the Game Informer cover story later this week as well as an update on the release of the next official trailer. a comment by rockstar for all the people saying no trailer no pre order We know you're all very excited for the next GTA V trailer, and we'll have more info to share with you all on that very soon. Anyone that continues to spam the comments thread of this post with demands will however have their messages removed and their commenting priviledges suspended. Thanks for your patience and understanding. wow the artwork is same Added the image. -OPx