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Found 1 result

  1. I have a theory that surveillance cameras and security systems will play a major role in GTA V. My theory originated while combing through the premier trailer and finding two signs that warn players of areas that are monitored: Finally, I found an actual camera modelled within the trailer, here: Because the game will revolve around prepping and pulling heists, I figure that a working surveillance system for bigger risked jobs (like this Rodeo Drive inspired jewelry store) would make sense. I think that these security systems will work similar to the "bandana" mechanic in Red Dead Redemption. Although the old west didn't have any cameras to monitor John Marston's criminal behavior, he concealed his face with a bandana. Witnesses to his crimes could confess to the local authorities and a wanted poster would appear in the towns describing John Marston. If John was creating crimes without his face concealed, the authorities and bounty hunters, had an easier time finding John. This system was remedied by paying a fine. GTA V's system would have to be a little more sophisticated. For instance, if the player was robbing the same jewelry store without anything on to conceal the player's identity, the camera could i.d. players and help the police pursue anyone who matched the player's description. Could security cameras also trip the store's alarm? Could some be motion-detected? Furthermore, as the game progresses, I'm sure there will be more creative ways to get around being recorded, such as destroying said cameras or removing their hard-drives they record on (or tapes?). Places like Pleasure Pier would be difficult to perform crimes on because of the security systems, which would ensure that authorities would arrive onto the scene quicker. Maybe there's a bounty system Rockstar is carrying over from RDR and updating/modernizing for GTA V. What else could security systems mean for GTA V?