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  1. Everything in the DLC is free. Any of the new hairstyles are free, the new cars can be purchased from Los Santos Auto for free, and the clothing and accessories were automatically added to your wardrobe, I think. Well, they're free too anyway. Oh yea, the 2 new weapons are free too. The pistol has all of the camo's already unlocked.
  2. So just wondering, has R* given a release date for when heists will be made available? I saw the Beach Bum update but I've heard nothing about heists.
  3. The Crusader and Barracks can be requested from Pegasus in the Contacts list on your phone. I don't think that you can store these vehicles in your garage, they will probably just disappear the next time you enter the garage ( or the garage won't accept them at all ). By the way the Rhino is a BEAST, just try not to run it into cars and you are almost invincible. All you have to watch out for are Sticky Bombs, Buzzards, RPG's/ Grenade Launchers and other Rhinos. Also don't let other players pull you out of it, restricting vehicle access won't work with your Rhino either. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ Here's an RP Farm that you can do by yourself ~ Remember if you want to replay a mission after the patch, press the "LIKE" Button ( Y on Xbox/ Triangle on PlayStation ). And then "RT" ( for Xbox )/ "R2" ( for PlayStation ). You will know this has worked when it says Restart on the screen Outdated info. A few days ago they patched it so that you can't restart it. Then even more recently they fixed the bug that allowed quick completion. You now must deliver the documenta to martin. and third, at least use the original video.
  4. Uh, Im pretty sure PC version wont be out for at least 6 months or more. Aw why? Everyone knows the 391k apartment has the best view D:
  5. When I say Trevors I mean the big airfield in the middle of the desert. Not the one where you go do arms missions.
  6. Fastest heli is at the LS airport or Trevors airfield area. If youre high enough, planes spawn at trevors Or you could just do a mission and its completely fixed up.
  7. Started a new character today. Got her to lv 18 in about 2-3 hours. Easiest way to lv up low lv characters is to keep replaying the Criminal Records race either alone or with someone. If you do it alone, you get a small bonus for completing the track without damaging your car and beating it in 31 seconds or less. You get the most RP for doing Super Cars. Make sure it's 1 lap.
  8. when you have insurance, when your car is destroyed, you call the number and it respawns your car at some parking lot. With tracking, when you put a tracker and insure a car, it replaces your old one as a default vehicle.
  9. http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200435267-Loss-of-characters-rank-items-apartments-and-or-in-game-money-in-GTA-Online
  10. IVE FOUND THE CULPRIT. Note: Please do NOT use the “Retry” button after receiving the message “Rockstar Cloud Servers are unavailable” as this may result in loss of character data. If you are trying to access GTA Online and Rockstar Cloud Servers are unavailable, please exit to GTAV Story Mode and try entering GTA Online again through the Pause menu in Story Mode. We will be issuing a title update that will fix this issue as soon as possible.
  11. Thats what happened to me. its been 48 hours since my character disappeared. R* still trying to figure out whats going on, they updated their support page a while ago.
  12. Find a group of friends and do a ton of races and other activities together. Shits fun as hell, better than doin recycled missions over and over.
  13. Send a ticket before you assume anything. Make sure you're logged in. http://support.rocks...es.com/hc/en-us Got a reply. IMO. Don't touch online until at LEAST the 12, unless R* has solved all this shit sooner.
  14. Send a support ticket. They are working on retrieving characters and other lost data at the moment but a ticket could help immensely.
  15. My player went poof D: It kept all my competitive stats, all the cash I spent but everything else went up in smoke or something. Will I ever get my character back? Has anyone had luck getting their characters back? It's been a little over 24 hours since my character disappeared. I sent a support ticket to R* but who knows how long that may take to get a response. On the social club I get this: