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  1. I was wondering the same thing. They had it right on both Max Payne 3 and Red Dead where you could group up beforehand but it seems on GTA 5 you can't? Perhaps me and my mates are doing it wrong also as we always seem to be against each other haha
  2. Anything at all? I like the amount of activities you can do such as races, missions, robberies etc The general fooling around in free roam.....if you haven't already done it then try parking a car in front of a shop door just as someone is robbing it...comedy gold watching them trying to escape!....yeah I'm one of those idiots haha
  3. I find that when I get killed by the cops I lose 2000 but when another player kills me or I die by jumping off something I lose no money at all.
  4. Hi all I'm Mart, 23 from the North West of England. Thought I would sign up to discuss all things GTA and hopefully find a few new decent people to game with. I never used to be a big fan of gaming until I played Red Dead Redemption, in 3 years playing it I ended up getting in the top 100 in a few PvP modes and in fact 4th in one....that game has well and truly past it's sell by date now though. Other than gaming I'm really into my football, boxing, mma etc If anyone wants to add me on Xbox live then feel free. Gamertag PHX DaKoTa A3
  5. There are trains, both the Blaine county cargo train and the passenger one that runs across LS. cheers bud, I must be going round with my eyes closed.
  6. Must say after playing Red Dead Redemption for 3 years and dealing with the to55ers on there I would have to say I have found the players on GTA a lot easier to deal with haha Things that do piss me off though are... Trigger spammers in deathmatches....Where is the skill in hiding behind a wall and then putting 20 bullets into someone's chest to kill them....whatever happened to headshots!! No trains in multiplayer? Ok I suppose it would lag up the server but come on rockstar sort it out. Wrecking your car then having to pay over a grand to get a new one on the insurance...just spawn me a new one!
  7. Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere but does anyone know what level you have to be to start doing bank heists on multiplayer? I'm enjoying robbing the shops but I fancy making some more cash!
  8. Please feel free to add my Gamertag - PHX DaKoTa A3 I'm from the North of England so I am usually online anytime between 5pm - 10pm GMT most days...well unless my gf decides the Xbox must go off...then I must obey and switch it off haha Hopefully people will add me, I had a friends list full of players when I played Red Dead Redemption but now I'm playing GTA there is no one around damn!
  9. Alright guys I'm part of a small group called PHX (Phoenix) and we are looking for a few new people to game with. Originally we were all in various Red Dead Redemption PvP clans and are all ranked highly on the leaderboards on that game but the drama between players on rdr is unreal and we decided to break away and form our own group. We are looking for people who have a bit of skill but don't take the game serious...nothing worse than a drama queen who sends hate mail every time they are killed haha There are currently 6 members of PHX but only 3 playing GTA, hoping to boost numbers Add my gamertag - PHX DaKoTa A3 or send a request on our rockstar page Cheers