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  1. I'd much rather play a hispanic guy than another white guy. III, VC, LCS, IV and TLAD where all white guys. It's not much, but the guy climbing the truck seems to have the same shirt as the guy parachuting, and they seem to have a similar skin tone. I guess it's the same guy. He also appears to be the guy driving the car. The guy in the plane also has a dark skin tone. Also the guy with the (AK?) has a dark skin tone again, yet he appears to be bald leading me to believe he's a different character, or you can get haircuts. I have no idea. The mini laptop I'm currently on isn't great for viewing photos, tomorrow I'll finally be back on my 17" I wonder what Rockstar have in store, many screenshots seem to feature Ned Luke yet others feature other common characters. Will definitely be interesting to see. yeah cos on the gta sa trailer they showed cj with a few different hair cuts, so i think it is the same guy, i really hope we just get info off R* soon cos not knowing anything about or who the protagonist even is is killing me inside!
  2. If you look at the dust and side walk and environment of the cheetah pic, it looks like it's in the desert, so hopefully los venturas will be in GTA V? Or at least the desert part! Also can't wait to ride bikes again! Awesome! Glad they're back. However im not so glad that Balcony guy aka ned luke aka albert desilva or whatever seems to be in the plane, i really dont want him as the protagonist to be honest, i cant see him blowing up shit and sniping people.
  3. Yeah I agree, although the tennis court picture looks good graphics wise, it doesn't look like a gta screenshot, i hope we get some more violence in new screens and next trailer!
  4. as if my pre ordered mp3 got lost in the post. could be another week before i get it!!!

  5. The cops on GTA IV shot at you for anything! I don't want them to come down harder than that but police dogs would be cool as long as you could kill them if they were after you.
  6. Definitely PS3 cos i dont have an Xbox, and perhaps in a few years i'll get a PC version for MODs and such.
  7. I think that's a good idea cos it would make missions more realistic. I don't know if anybody's ever played Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, but that's a feature on that game and it works really well so yeah I think that would be a good aspect of the game.
  8. I liked the final mission from SA but there are probably loads more I could think of... GTA has loads of cool missions.
  9. I really liked the laid back unseriousness of GTA SA and it made the game feel complete, but there were some serious parts in it to make it a good game rather than saints row bullshit, and I think R* will be able to achieve this again
  10. Just pullin into thierra robada

  11. GTA SA riding around the desert listening to Radio-X
  12. Shit clothes and general character customization.
  13. I liked Jimmy Pegerino, I don't know why but I was sad when I had to kill him.
  14. I loved GTA SA but all of them are amazing. Theres a reason GTA SA was the best ever selling PS2 game.
  15. I think it would be better to have just one protagonist but to be honest, I hope it's not the guy in the trailer (although it's likely) because he looks like a crap protagonist and doesn't fit the Los Santos feel I remember.
  16. I liked "I'm Rich" on GTA IV so I'd like to see some other piss take shows with some familiar GTA humour.
  17. I'd love to dive down and see the titanic. It was on my list of things to do in my life but then I found out it's too far down to dive to! GUTTED!
  18. 1. GTA SA is my favourate but only just. They were both great games but the story line and characters, customization, environment have to make San Andreas better. 2. CJ because I felt more connected to his story. 3. San Andreas because of the range of missions. One mission you're in a gang war and next your running a casino, simply more entertaining missions. 4. 90's San Andreas simply because of the range of environments. 5. It would be very close but I think it would be CJ because he can go to the gym and get ripped and learn how to fight. All said though I really did like Vice City (even though it may not look like it) It was my first GTA (even though I played GTA III later on) and I loved just running around on the beach and at the airport, oh, and taking motorbikes in the mall!
  19. I don't think I can get there but if I am ever in the area I'd definitely go and see. It's about time GTA got some recognition as more than just a game where you can "steal cars and shoot people".
  20. I don't care about the price, GTA V I'm pretty sure will have a collectors edition like GTA IV and all other major releases. Hopefully it will have some awesome stuff in it too!
  21. I wouldn't really be bothered about the rating, although some people may and I might re-try some missions to see if I could get a higher score after I finished the hole game. I definitely like the mission re-play addition though. GTA has some really awesome mission and I would like to see this feature in all GTA's to come.