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  1. I know many people who can do pretty many things with both hands, but i cant make my left hand useful for s**t Am i the only one?
  2. Just like caracter customisation and poperty, which we tought that they would not exist, the cameras might be introduced towards the latest phases of developement and not play a major role. And about them bringing police earlier, while having fun (killing everyone), maybe there is going to be a cheat... im sorry if GeneticallySuperior said any of these in any of his novels, but im writing from my phone and i dont have the patience to read...
  3. "All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ" i heard it so many times by the time i first played SA
  4. Well.. as long as I cant afford a ps3/xbox... I`ll take it for PC...
  5. each gta has its own city, wich is a part of that gta but i thought about this too
  6. when i bought it they sait it is faster-_-
  7. i`d preffer bit more unrealistic than in IV. the cars lean left and right too much in 4..
  8. Well... i played it.. not so great the cars are slow at 250km/h.. and if you dont have a rocket pc.. i runs like hell i have better pc specs than recommended and the game is still slow..