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Found 4 results

  1. I know at least two of us on here that got the Claude figure in November. I got mine bought for me by my wife, so i had to wait till Christmas to open it! I took a few photos of him in different poses with different clothes and accessories before putting him in my display cabinet. I made the decision to take him out of the box, seeing as how much it cost, i didn't want him to be locked away out of sight properly. I'll most likely change the pose and accessories once in a while to keep him looking cool. Here's some pics: And here's its final resting place: Who else got the figure, or who might be getting one in the future? Mas, where's the pics?
  2. In the new screens it's pretty much confirmed tennis will be a playable activity. GTA IV we had bowling and shit, we could do all sorts of friend activities. I got to ask, does anyone actually care about that sort of thing? I thought the whole friendship thing in IV was really really boring - except getting drunk, that was fun. I hope I am not the only one that thinks Rockstar shoudnt waste their time making these sort of activities and instead concentrate on fun things like burglary, drug dealing, raiding warehouses, hijacking trucks full of stuff you can sell on the black market, arms dealing/smuggling, gang wars.. etc. Betting on horses and card games were great in SA, alot more fun than bowling with Roman. The truth is, Im not that excited about GTA V if its going in the same direction as IV. Instead of "hey cousin, lets go bowling" every 10mins, it will be "hey Ned Luke, lets play tennis".
  3. I haven't come across a general gameplay problem related thread for GTA games, so maybe it's time to create one. I have a problem with my San Andreas game I'm playing right now. After completing Wu Zi Mu mission (the first race in the Countryside, mission given by Cesar) I was fooling around The Panopticon area, then swam to Flint County and ran to the cargo depot at Fallen Tree. It's there where I experienced a problem. I tried to cut a corner outside the depot fence, ran into concrete wall under fence and saw "LOADING..." on a black bar on the screen. Vision started to blur, pause-menu map started to be visible through, everything was white and red. I thought it was yet another Blue Hell incident, but I couldn't do shit and CJ didn't respawn. When I opened the map in the pause menu, all of San Andreas was as if accessible to me (no greyish areas, even though I haven't unlocked the Desert/LV part yet), but there was no location marker and when I entered the map, it only showed blue (water) all around, no chance of zooming out. After some time I restarted the game from last save, completed the race once again, but after a while I realized there is no traffic anywhere. I know it is possible to put in a cheat code for that, but I haven't done that. Even if done by accident, I would've got the warning before saving and that didn't happen. I entered a safehouse and hoped the traffic returns, but none of that occurred. There are peds, parked vehicles and flying planes, otherwise no traffic outside mission-specific vehicles when I start a mission. Any idea what has happened and how it may be undone? Notice, I haven't saved after the Fallen Tree glitch (I wasn't even able to).
  4. This question has probably been asked hundreds of times but fuck it.. I'm asking it. 1. Which is your favorite and Why? 2. Tommy Vercetti or Carl Johnson? 3. Better Story? 4. 80s Vice City or 90s San Andreas? 5. IF Tommy and Carl had a fight, Who'd win? Opt. Anything Else you'd like to add?