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Found 9 results

  1. Small bit of news. GTA III is now at the offical app store with VC and SA coming soon.
  2. My man just rearranged the man cave in our house, and decided to connect the PS2 to an older TV in there. So, I have working access to my PS2 game collection, including the titles in the poll above, for the first time in years. I'm having a hard time choosing which game to replay first. Who better to poll than the crazy collection of characters in our forums? Tell me your pick for which GTA game should I replay first. (when I'm not playing ACIII or Fallout 3, and eventually, GTAV!) Edit: I've been sucked into Skyrim in the meantime.
  3. This is the gang topic. The original OP has been put in spoiler tags below in order to preserve conversation in the early posts, but the topic is about gangs in general, not one specific gang. - Massacre
  4. I wanna know what your favourite things are to do in gta san andreas! i love pretending to be a pilot and fly the giant plane in Las Venturas
  5. This question has probably been asked hundreds of times but fuck it.. I'm asking it. 1. Which is your favorite and Why? 2. Tommy Vercetti or Carl Johnson? 3. Better Story? 4. 80s Vice City or 90s San Andreas? 5. IF Tommy and Carl had a fight, Who'd win? Opt. Anything Else you'd like to add?
  6. One thing that many have not really thought about is the cheats. The cheats in GTA IV were a huge fail I think its fair to say, whereas one of the reasons people can remember San Andreas so well is because of all the cheats that were possible. So whats your opinion, do you think that they will bring them fun cheats back for better replay value? and second out of all the cheats which one would you like to see return the most, mine being yep you guessed it Pedestrians Riot lol
  7. I was bored today so decided to dedicate some of my time to remixing the new GTA V trailer with a more epic soundtrack! Here's the result: Watch in HD for full glory :-P
  8. I think it could be false but you never know. What do you think? If you think it is true do you like the sound of it?