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  1. Smart, if you don't buy the game you will not have to install the game! Genius! I just changed my xbox 360 to a PS3 so that means i don't have to change disk's after all.
  2. I played san andreas on my playstation 2 when it came out and i thought it was awesome. My opinion is that they could just upgrade SA to the graphic and the handling gta 4 have and release it for xbox 360. I would have bought it But offcourse i rather buy gta 5 than gta san andseas (upgrated version)
  3. Flying cars, nitro and infinite life is really funny cheats according to me.
  4. I allways use cheats after i´ve completet the game. I dont know if you remeber but in the older gta games you could make cars fly and get nitro to all cars. I really miss the flying car cheat. But I do hope there will be cheats i V just to have something to do after the story. I will never use cheats in the story mode thats just fail.
  5. It would be nice to find a deer in the woods, And when you have killed it you could take your knife and skin it like in Red Dead Redemption, and then sell it to some kind of hunter. I would also like to see some bears just to make a walk in the woods more exiting. But i feer that Rockstar cant release a game where you can kill a animal with a machinegun or a rpg. But dont blame me if im wrong because there was a dog in the trailer. I dont think the dogs will walk arond in the map or in the gardens. Its probably just in a few missions where you can see it by the cops or in a house.
  6. Im going to use xbox 360 which means i will probably need to chance cds Unless i dont install it on my xbox.
  7. In san andreas the indicator on the map turned blue instead of white and that is a good way to find out if you are out of sight (invisible) It's called STEALTH, MOTHERFUCKER. And yes. Sorry, but im no englishman or american. i think you understand anyway.
  8. Well, I think it would be awesome to have a weapon wheel but not in GTA 5. Its just not them. Sorry but i think you understand.
  9. General stealth discussion - Massacre ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In San Andreas you was able to hide in a dark spot in a mission. What do you think about that? Do you want to be able to hide in a dark spots when you are wanted or just chased in GTA 5? I think it would be cool