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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ some niggas need to buy a PS3. Not saying names.
  2. "Players can even fire from the hip on the run"... That is amazing.
  3. Wow that would be so much fun to take a minute just to sit there and wait for someone to put gas into your car.. Wait! I have a better idea, what if we got a wanted level every time we drive through a red light? It might be a little annoying but it's soo realistic!! Pfft...
  4. I like taking a fresh foot long italian roll, and stuff it with mozzerella sticks, pepperoni (straight from the deli), and mixed cheeses. pop that shit in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Take dat sumbitch out, and put a little bit of hot sauce on dat Mo'fucka. Let your dick get hard and eat that shit.
  5. I want the clerk to look me in the eyes while i take the money out of the register. Then right as he's about to call the pigs, I bitch slap him with a stack of hundreds.. Thats when I run out the door. Money as a weapon... get on it R*.
  6. Trevor deserves more attention than the other two.
  7. It's a box at the bottom corner of the screen. I dont care if it has mickey mouse ears coming out of it, as long as it works fine, I'm ok with it. I'll admit though, the three bars next to each other could be a problem, still beats the circular health/armor shit they had in IV
  8. One of the last things I want is to hear 40 year old songs (that are good) BUT i had to hear them my entire life so it gets annoying. So if i have to hear 1 more led zeppelin or Tom petty song, im going to blow my fucking brains out. I'll admit the music in SA was nearly perfect where as EVERY song in IV was trash except for maybe 2. Not sure if I should feel confident, or be worried.
  9. The Goon


    Wow, the help is much appreciated. Im about to start my adventure.
  10. The Goon


    So i Just bought New Vegas yesterday. It was only $15. This is my 1st Fallout game, and i havnt played it yet. Any tips? I have no idea what its about or what im getting myself in to.
  11. Id join a crew, but i want to spend the 1st 2 weeks exploring the map, discovering cool things, and beating the missions.. Multiplayer is last on my list... Plus i guarantee Multiplayer is going to be extremely laggy for the 1st week of release...
  12. You aren't a true GTA fan if you are getting the regular edition.
  13. I want to be able to shoot the gas tank and make the car explode, so convenient ...
  14. Are we talking about GTA, Saints Row, or Call of Duty now?
  15. AK's? Lame. come on. these are the same guns we have been using in GTA games for the past 10+ years.. It's time for new, exciting guns. I dont care if they are weird and dont even exist, at least we would have something refreshing. average hand guns and assault rifes get boring after 10 fucking minutes. It would be nice just to be a little creative....lava gun, *cough*
  16. I applaud you for all that typing you did.. which i did not feel like reading, but here's a like.
  17. I would LOVE a ton of melee weapons -Hammer -knife -bat -dildo -screwdriver -chainsaw -sword -shoe -super punch -bottle -pick up chop, and smack someone in the face with him.
  18. I agree, i would love to see a nigga run down the street with a VCR in his hands, and accidentally bump into another nigga walking out of a weed store. They would argue about whose dick is bigger, and who has larger lips. The next thing you would see is them pulling out their guns and start shooting at each other, before the police show up and ass rape both of them. "best peds ever"
  19. I feel bad for all the little Shitheads who have to bring their mom to gamestop just so they can buy the game.