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  1. Long live the King of the Kremlings.
  2. Am I the only one here actually excited for this shit? It's a fighting game that has.. Mario Sonic Snake Mega Man Pac Man Cloud Ryu and a shit ton of other characters with more to come. It's dope.
  3. Christ on crutches. That's way better than what he originally reminded me of.
  4. If they do Vice City today it would be set in modern day losing it's 80's aesthetic. Unless it's a prequel set in the 70's, I wouldn't want another GTA set there.
  5. Possible front guy could be the villain at some point?
  6. The Goon

    Mad Max

    Max doesn't look like Mel Gibson therefore I'm offended.
  7. You aren't wrong. I noticed a lot of people think the same including myself. Lara Flynn Boyle's good girl performance didn't feel genuine compared to Moira Kelly in the film. Not to mention she also looks better too.
  8. How does your dick not get hard while watching this opening to Fire Walk With Me.
  9. Entertainment Weekly Unveils 3 Twin Peaks Covers and Ep of EW Reunites
  10. I can imagine Coop still being possessed but no one knowing it. For all we know, he could secretly be the villain for this new season and not even know it. "That's if he's still not stuck in the black lodge". As for fire walk with me, it's a good movie. Some things don't add up and it was something that was hated greatly by everyone at the time, but it has grown to be a classic and well liked.
  11. Season 3 comes out on May 21, 2017. Some of the events of season 2 were explained in the Twin Peaks book "The Secret History of Twin Peaks", but we still aren't sure where exactly they're going to go with the story. What do you guys think?
  12. It's been two days and my heart aches. My mouth is yearning for cock. thrusting, pulsating. The thought of salty semen makes my mouth water. I can feel my anus clenching. My one true love is always just out of reach. More days go by and I wish death upon myself. People stare as I pass by. Dogs Bark at me out of disgust. People just don't understand me. My love for man meat still grows stronger regardless. Fingering my ass is not enough anymore. I must reclaim my one true love. Cock will be mine once again. I must have you up my tight ass. I will firmly grasp you in my hands once more. No one will take you from me. I wish they would try to steal you from me. L'Eggo my Eggo. Then I will give you all my ass butter. That day will come soon. -Qdeathstar
  13. havent been keeping up with any of the red dead news. is it a prequel or a sequel?.. kind of want the story to continue and also have a different map
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    i dont know if other people are having this problem. Keep trying to go to the minecraft store to buy some shit and every time i do the game crashes. every thing else works fine, but only when i enter the store it crashes. It's like they don't want my money.
  15. I agree. I feel Ramos is probably the hottest character on the show, but her character is lackluster at best. I do kind of feel bad for her in season 4 though.