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  1. New Defenders trailer looks pretty amazing. Would of liked to have seen some costumes but I have high hopes for the miniseries.



  2. Toonami won April Fools day. replacing Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super with a new episode of Rick and Morty on repeat. People are pissed.

    1. TreeFitty


      Seems like a win-win.

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i think porn hub won april fools...

  3. You aren't wrong. I noticed a lot of people think the same including myself. Lara Flynn Boyle's good girl performance didn't feel genuine compared to Moira Kelly in the film. Not to mention she also looks better too.
  4. How does your dick not get hard while watching this opening to Fire Walk With Me.
  5. Entertainment Weekly Unveils 3 Twin Peaks Covers and Ep of EW Reunites
  6. Logan was a pretty cool movie. Might even be the best X-Men related movie.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i saw the deadpool teaser, which wasn't as cool as people said it was... to be honest, it's a shame that now we get a good logan movie when we've had a dozen years to do it... still gonna see this at some point, but all my comic book friends are disappointed that this is finally happening at the end of hugh jackman's run... they loved the movie but also wondered why it took this long for fox to finally give a decent wolverine story...


      who the fuck could ever fill those shoes tho?? jackman is the wolverine as downy jr. is iron man... two actors perfectly casted, to a point where you can't ever imagine someone else ever filling those shoes... and wolverine has to continue, regardless of jackman's participation, because logan is one of the most popular comic book characters ever... what a role to fill indeed...

    2. The Goon

      The Goon

      Deadpool just looks like more deadpool. I don't hold it in high prestige. You don't go into a deadpool movie expecting some great film. It's good for laughs and a fun time. I'm looking forward to it and the teaser did a meh-okay job. Tbh I didn't even expect it. Was surprised.


      When it comes to how they will recast wolverine, I don't think who they'll cast is the issue, but rather how they go about rebooting the character. I can see them doing a very decent job if they go for a more traditional approach and just put some gruff tough actor in the classic wolverine suit which is something they should of done by now regardless of how some people think it's "too silly" which you could say about every character if we're being honest with ourselves. That will do it's job by distracting people from going "that's not hugh jackman" until they get use to it. 


      I really don't even believe it's Jackman's last time despite what he says. I'm sure he'll return as cameos if anything because you can't have X-Men films without wolverine unless they are quick to cast which I doubt they'll do. It's also plausible they might completely reboot the whole X-Men franchise and connect it to the MCU since Fox and Marvel Studios seem to be on somewhat good terms since they have co-partnership on the new Legion TV series. If that were the case, Hugh Jackman would most likely reprise his role since he stated he would return if it involved his character being in the MCU. 


      Overall i'm optimistic. We're so bias because we've only known one Wolverine, but I don't doubt they will be able to find someone who does the character justice, or at least wait and see if Jackman really is done with the character.

  7. I can imagine Coop still being possessed but no one knowing it. For all we know, he could secretly be the villain for this new season and not even know it. "That's if he's still not stuck in the black lodge". As for fire walk with me, it's a good movie. Some things don't add up and it was something that was hated greatly by everyone at the time, but it has grown to be a classic and well liked.
  8. Season 3 comes out on May 21, 2017. Some of the events of season 2 were explained in the Twin Peaks book "The Secret History of Twin Peaks", but we still aren't sure where exactly they're going to go with the story. What do you guys think?
  9. It's been two days and my heart aches. My mouth is yearning for cock. thrusting, pulsating. The thought of salty semen makes my mouth water. I can feel my anus clenching. My one true love is always just out of reach. More days go by and I wish death upon myself. People stare as I pass by. Dogs Bark at me out of disgust. People just don't understand me. My love for man meat still grows stronger regardless. Fingering my ass is not enough anymore. I must reclaim my one true love. Cock will be mine once again. I must have you up my tight ass. I will firmly grasp you in my hands once more. No one will take you from me. I wish they would try to steal you from me. L'Eggo my Eggo. Then I will give you all my ass butter. That day will come soon. -Qdeathstar
  10. This Royal Rumble fucking Sucked. John Cena wins another championship and Orton wins the rumble match. It's been the same 2 fucking guys for the past decade. This shit is sickening...  Also Texas crowds are fucking garbage. 

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    2. The Goon

      The Goon

      It can't be just any director. Hear me out.... Kevin Smith. Why you ask? Because I want a stoner Batman who makes pop culture references. I do think he could be great though.

    3. DiO


      *doesn't read 19 replies


      Attitude Era FTW

    4. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I'll admit I don't watch much wrestling these days, but there are still a few gems. AJ Styles is very good in the ring, and Bryan Danielson was on another level. Basically the indy guys who have joined WWE are much better than those trained by WWE, but will likely never be allowed to show it. Jericho is always gold too. Most wrestling I watch these days are old ECW events. That was how wrestling should be done.  

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  11. New theatrical Lupin III movie looks doooooope


  12. when will we be able to say faqqot and niqqer again. It is important. don't tell me we PC now too?

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    1. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      When you stop being a faggot?

    2. ViceMan


      Who's a ziggurat?

    3. Qdeathstar


      You can say nigger when you pay the man, till then your fucked, faggot.

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  13. I don't wanna associate myself with anyone who's voting for a criminal feminazi like Hillary. Trump is a clown and i'm surprised he's made it this far.


    The person we really need is Gary Johnson, but since a lot of americans are too retarded to know there are more options, we'll end up being stuck with one of the two choices.  If we can't have Gary or Jill, at least Trump can make me laugh for the next 4 years.

    1. Qdeathstar


      what's aleppo again?

    2. TreeFitty


      Ross Perot was the closest any independent/3rd party has gotten in recent times to winning a presidential election. Less than a fifth of the vote. Getting people away from the 2 big parties is tough. Sanders had to join into the democrats for a chance at winning.

    3. Jizzy


      Ive never met anybody who used the term feminazi that wasnt a self obssessed bag of dicks

  14. havent been keeping up with any of the red dead news. is it a prequel or a sequel?.. kind of want the story to continue and also have a different map
  15. do people actually still believe in god in this day and age or is everyone just playing a massive prank on me?

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    2. Ginginho


      Until there is absolute evidence that contradicts the existence of an ultimate creator, I am keeping my mind open...

    3. Bronson


      Whos cares?????? Worry about yourself.

    4. gtagrl


      I don't care if you believe in the afterlife, as long as you're not using it as an excuse to be an asshole whilst on Earth.

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  16. Welp.. Looking at the ratings for the new Suicide Squad movie. RIP DCCU. I know ratings shouldn't matter but after seeing the previous 2 movies (which also had bad ratings) I think i can assume this one won't be good as well. I'll still see it but I think it's time to give up on this universe. This is the 3rd chance i'm giving them. Such a shame to.. Maybe i'll find some sort of enjoyment from it <_<

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      nah bruh, reviewers just don't like DC because it's not marvel, they're darker... sounds like an above average movie from what i read, but DC is far from dead... remember the nolan batman trilogy?? the WB seems to be doing good with the property too... there's always a place for DC in film and television...


      while i am a little disappointed in some of the stuff i've read in the reviews, i don't think it's a failure... BvS wasn't a failure to me either (and i don't know if $800m globally is a failure either)... even in some of the rotten ones on RT, there's plenty of positives to take away from it, like the characters and the first half... but yea, sounds like the villain is meh, which has been a problem even in the marvel universe...


      i'll still watch it...

    2. The Goon

      The Goon

      you're very optimistic. Though I think I will find a few things to like about it, I know I won't enjoy it just by going off of the problems others seem to have with it.

      -very weak plot

      -barely any character development 

      -horrible villain

      -very bad, corny jokes

      Right now it seems the only positive things about the movie are the good performances and maybe a few great action scenes.


      When it comes to the Nolan trilogy, my opinions on them are very harsh. I feel they are underwhelming movies with great villains and a shitty shitty shitty Batman. Bale's performance is laughable and an embarrassment to the character.


      As far as BvS goes. I will say it was a failure in terms of it not being a good movie (my opinions again). I also feel it was a failure due to the fact it under-performed. Sure 800 Mil is good, but it's BATMAN and SUPERMAN in a movie for the 1st time. It should easily of been a billion dollar movie. Even Civil War grossed much higher than BvS and that was a sequel to Captain America 2. 


      I won't doubt Suicide Squad won't make a lot of money, but it's just upsetting knowing no matter how hard I'll try to enjoy it, it won't be good despite me wanting it to be. It will suffer the same problems as BvS except the only positives being "it's a little bit more fun"

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      your first sentence says it all B)... i am always that way with movies, because, well, hollywood doesn't usually deliver anyways... i am used to watching something and saying, that was pretty good, even though there were a lot of things wrong with it... but it entertained me enough... like an ol' co-worker used to say, "if i can shut my brain off for a couple hours and enjoy my stay, then it's worth it"... and i totally agree...


      this movie sounds like one of those, and i'm watching it for the character interactions, what a lot of the reviews say are the stronger points anyways... who cares if the villain isn't good, most of these kinds of movies aren't centered for the villain, at least, not since scarface...


      the best movie i have seen in 3 years is still mad max fury road... the new star trek is 2nd... i doubt this one will join the list but i am looking forward to being entertained for a couple hours, and that's really the whole point in watching a movie... like i said, it's rare that i get disappointed in a movie... if i laugh a few times, and like the action, then it's good enough for me B)... the new star trek, that was quite entertaining tho, easily the best movie of the year for me so far... doubt this will get there, but i'm optimistic that it'll at least be good... don't get too bent out of shape over it, this is hollywood, where expectations usually die anyways and you just have to accept it as it is lol...


      i seriously hope this isn't the death of DC tho, i want to see ben affleck's batman movie, perhaps that'll spawn it's own series... and i like nolan's batverse, but it was grounded in our real life, which was so different than how the comics handled it... it made for good drama... i'm hoping ben goes back to the name of the company he works for now, "detective comics"... i want batman to be that detective again...

  17. Holy Shit. Netflix just uploaded the official trailer for Luke Cage and a teaser Trailer for The Defenders.


    Apparently an Iron Fist teaser trailer was shown AND Daredevil has been picked up for a season 3. I am really overwhelmed right now. I wonder what Marvel is doing for Saturday.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      sweeeet... i still gotta finish jessica jones, i got about 3 episodes in...

    2. The Goon

      The Goon

      fuck... they just announced Ghost Rider will be on next seasons Agents of Shield.. Now i gotta watch that... unfortunately it isn't the same Ghost Riders most people know. It's a newer one named Robbie Reyes. kind of a let down, but i'm still a little excited. Marvel just put up a teaser trailer of some sort on their youtube channel that features Ghost Rider. 

  18. The Goon


    i dont know if other people are having this problem. Keep trying to go to the minecraft store to buy some shit and every time i do the game crashes. every thing else works fine, but only when i enter the store it crashes. It's like they don't want my money.