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  1. I dont know if this has been mentioned, but from the looks if it. It seems the gameplay was played on the PS3 which makes me happy... Also the video itself was overall absolutely amazing, almost everything i wanted and more!!! My only complaints is the fact that they didnt show any of the special abilities or how to use them, and it wasnt as colorful as i expected, but i understand the realism they were going for, Happy they are using the weapon wheel!
  2. It's going to be 5 minutes of Trevor and Jimmy hitting the bong and playing video games..
  3. lmao... we all should have known!!!!!!!! you people do realize R* is showing gameplay tomorrow because there will be "69" more days left until the game is released!!! R* YOU SNEAKY BASTARDS!!!
  4. what could you possibly rob from area 69? a ufo? jetpack?
  5. GTA - Playstation GTA 2 - Playstation GTA 3 - Playstation 2 GTA VC - Playstation 2 GTA SA - Playstation 2 GTA 4 - Playstation 3 GTA 5 - Playstation 3 If you are playing it in any other way, then you are doing it wrong.
  6. But id still like to see bigfoot in it anyway..worked pretty good with Red Dead, so randomly finding bigfoot in a woods area attacking a deer or something would be awesome. Plus it could respawn next time you go to a woods area.
  7. Where did i read about bigfoot being in SA? Never mind, dont pay attention to me im a dumbass
  8. Bigfoot's big ass better be in it too, why would you come up with such an amazing and creative idea, put it into a game, just to take it out before release... Damn you San Andreas!
  9. thanks but im not really new lol, i have been looking at this website since it came out, but i never really made an account til now!
  10. There is a few things id really like to see in the new game. i understand the whole R* not wanting it to be in the same universe as any of the PS2 GTA games but i believe most people want to feel nostalgia which is something they messed up on in GTA IV. i want to see some of the same areas that were in GTA SA just modified. Areas such as Grove Stree (cul de sac), and the pizza place across from the barber shop. I mean that cant be too much to ask for right? Whats the point of still calling it Los Santos or even San Andreas if none of the most memorable areas are in the game? Other than that, i dont care what they do with the map. I'm looking forward to exploring it!
  11. I just recently beat Sleeping dogs and i must say it is superior to GTA IV in many ways but it didn't have Niko therefore it is not better! but i will admit the combat was AMAZING.