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  1. They said gta IV was too small for airplanes, this comes to this statement: That its way bigger than GTA IV
  2. Yea indeed, i loved the drunk option It made you dizzy in real life aswell! \ I personally hope they get more modification options, like SA, if its not in GTA V, it would be a bit dissapointing i must say
  3. Helle there community! First of all, im new here, so if i post anything stupid, just tell me So well i was thinking, we all are speculating on how awesome GTA V will be. How awesome the graphics will be and how awesome the gameplay will be, but.. to be honest, i thought this aswell with GTA IV and i got a bit dissapointed i must say. But what about you guys? What will totally ruin GTA V for you? Mabye the graphics aren't that high, or mabye it doesn't contain ur favorite character? Why not post and tell us what will ruin GTA V for you ( Just a note, im pretty sure GTA V will be kick-ass as always but this is just an what-if-that-happens-scenario ) Cheers!
  4. Um, it was New York City. NYC doesn't have any of that. Yes, but did i said anything about NYC? I just like green environments and well, also other stuff. Even it was NYC, they could always made extra content, right?
  5. Mabye its me but i didn't liked the map so well, mainly because of - There was like almost NO green environment, the game was way too gray/dark/white - It was like a endless road with houses next to it, no desert, no nice beaches ( the one they had were shitty tbh ) no countrysides Also, there wasn't as much as fun as in SA. SA is in my opinion, still the best GTA! lets hope GTA 5 beats the shit out that
  6. Well i like pre-ordering from steam tho, thats all easy-mode. But pre-ordering from gamesites is such a bunch of work.. And i don't really mind getting the game a bit later than the release, as long as you don't watch videos of other people playing
  7. Haha dont worry, never been at GTA forums, only for the mods sometimes. And about CJ and tommy, Im sure they won't come in GTA V so i wont be talking out them :)I find GTAforums a bit too big, i prefer this site
  8. Hi there! My name is mitch! im 15 ( ;o, shit too young! <- did not read that!) Im from Holland. I've been looking on this site now for about 1-2 weeks and i really love to see all the forumposts and the news about GTA 5! I always loved the GTA games, its so completly diffrent from the current games, i just love it But gta isn't my only hobby tho! I also love to Produce/DJ electro/house music and i love my sport Taekwondo Well that was pretty much it for now! Thanks for reading and im sure you guys will see some posts from me now and then! Cheers!