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  1. Guys, bad news. Based on dozens of complaints from a couple people stating that the driving seen in shady pre-release leaked gameplay videos was sub par, R* has decided to remove automobiles from GTA 5 altogether. The game will henceforth be called "Grand Theft Boat, Plane and Helicopter". No other details at this time.
  2. Yeah, I sure hope I can make people dance with the magic of electricity. If so those jumper cables we saw Trevor use will probably cause the same electrocution animation.
  3. Me too! They mention it in the ad for LSPD, along with tasers, but it's not an actual confirmation.
  4. @fryman That would be pretty cool. Otherwise you really won't see much of what they're doing. Also R* may have already elaborated on this, I've been staying clear of most info for the past couple days.
  5. I hope the theme for V is good. The opening music in SA had a cool vibe, and IV's was fitting, but when that GTA V logo comes up as the game is loading, I really hope they put an epic musical score in. It won't matter when I start playing I'm sure, but this outstandingly awesome game deserves nothing less.
  6. In all honesty the map seems bigger and bigger with each new screenshot. Skydiving, vineyards, the redneck country north of the lake... hell, you know how much map you need to make certain parts completely pitch black at night? A ton. IGN could be saying all this and calm the whiners on gtaforums, but then, that would be helpful.
  7. I'm pretty sure the sub is an off-mission vehicle just like I hope the Titan is...
  8. Trailer 2 and the last one were my favorites. Both fast-paced and action packed. Both make the release date seem farther away...
  9. I was hoping it would open with the 20th Century Fox fanfare or something, but it was a great trailer just the same. There was a tank after all.
  10. Apparently he's never heard "​Why did I move here?"
  11. If they felt the need to release the map at this point, they could put it in the trailer via a poster or something along the lines of that. I think they did something similar for IV.