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  1. Just like everyone else, I can't wait!!! I just hope its not really short lol, either way, this shits getting intense
  2. This will be a awesome birthday present for me. Niiice
  3. Ohh fuuuck, havn't even thought about crews, RP, or multiplayer. Dang, aint got much time left o.O
  4. Ahh ok, thank you. I'll do a little more research before I post a obviously stupid post lol. It's early here and I'm just fucking excited xD
  5. Dunno if its been pointed out, or if its worth pointing out. Franklin on the bike, I'm guessing we can now add decals to cars and bikes at Los Santo's Customs?
  6. When Franklins in suburban, whats with the 'Yeti Jacket'? Is that a type or brand of jacket? Or can we dress up as a yeti lol?
  7. You cant repo the assets of a dead man, big city cheap asshole?
  8. I hope animals take a chance at crossing the highway. That would be interestingly entertaining haha
  9. ^Ohh shit yea, races could get intense. If they add hydraulics again, have a wee mexican low-rider bounce off. Or whatever its called.