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  1. Two years since Heartless shuffled loose. Hope y'all are doing well.
  2. Asthenia


    I got Butch as a special card and he's sexing up all my women!
  3. I have 4 cats, I need a lot of space in the back for bags of cat food.
  4. Faaaack, Sept 1st can't come soon enough!
  5. Oh yeah I remember that! What a little cunt I was. I wonder if I can find it. It's in my little black book of "shit to do if I suddenly die."
  6. Fitty, he became a cop post iGTA. Trained in 2011 I believe. I can only echo what you guys have said... I've spent so many hours on the various incarnations of this site and it's members from love affairs with Mello to telling Stoic to fuck off because we disagreed on Lola. I love you guys. I'll stick around.
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    Holy what the fuck. I can't wait to spend 46 hours... on the character creation tool. @Dup - AFAIK the app can and will interact with the game. Both that and Fallout Shelter are coming to Android. I've had to start playing Fallout Shelter on my work iPhone. Can't wait to get it on my own phone!
  8. The veterans among us should remember Heartless. I don't know if he changed his username when we moved to this forum but here's his old profile from igrandtheftauto. Some of us also had him on Facebook up until last year some time when he disabled his account. I heard from his wife yesterday that unfortunately he took his life on Saturday whilst in France. For a good few years leading up to and after GTA IV (and a lot of you are still here) all of us were practically brothers. Vlad was killed in almost the exact way he once said he'd be killed, and now Heartless is gone too. There's a GoFundMe page here to bring his body home and fund his service. Feel free to donate or just see the link for proof I'm not fucking with you.
  9. Any one play any of the above? I've gotten pretty heavily into simracing this year.
  10. Yeah if someone could start working on a mod to have Spotify playlists on V's radio on PC, that'd be great.
  11. That's a cool hack. I use a digital headset and analog speakers. The assumption that PC users only have analog sound systems is fucking annoying when you consider most mobos (dunno about prebuilt PC's), have optical out on them.
  12. Hurr's ma pics. Quick pano from Pacific Bluffs last night. Wanna get higher tonight and make a larger one. We only ask you speak inglish. What cha doin', Frankie? I've seen things. Follow me for the Truth. Midnight Blue and pearlescent Pfister Pink. To match the suit. My Buffalo a couple of days ago, before it was reset to standard. I'll upload it's current state when I get home. FUCK YOU!! Find one of these, take it off-roading. Thank me later. GOT ME A SCORE OF FORTY! Oh shit, how's it Mike?!
  13. Epic traffic and no watermark. Clearly better than every one else.
  14. Reddit and a lot of other forums are all raving about our screenshot. Clearly R* has a favourite site.
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    Those cheeky bastards. Cheeky Bastard is filmed in front of a live audience. I wanted MS to turn it around.. what good is a generation of gaming if one of the big consoles is a homeless man with a limp? Sony has the more powerful console (I'm talking specs, ie fact) and expanding PS+ can only be a good thing. MS should've made it a fair fight.
  16. Consider also, that the R2 and RT triggers have dead zones. You can only manage your acceleration so much, it's nothing like a real car, even in simulation games the dead zone is there.
  17. GTA V. Gat dang. How old are ya? Your wishful thinking is always the same as mine. The best kind. I'm gettin drunk and I'm in Spain right now. Can't wait til Sept.
  18. Sub Zero, Noob Saibot, Smoke, Kano, Scorpion, Reptile.. I like MK. John Marston, the Dovahkiin (me!) and as far as GTA goes I'd have to preemptively say Trevor and Michael. Those 2 look to me, better than any other GTA character.
  19. 25 hours has already been thrown around. In an interview with Dan, I believe. Not sure on source.
  20. Same lol. Awesome trailer. And maybe its just me but does Franklin sound alot like CJs voice actor? he sounded like ice cube to me... i'll have another watch soon, but that was the first name that popped into my head... This, this, this! He sounds so much like Cube. Not to say he is, but he sounds fantastic. The voice alone has warmed me to Franklin. Haiiiii Deko. And this, alone, is the most critical thing we can ask for. We're going to be living there soon!
  21. I'm thinking that its more along the lines of outside security blocking you from getting planes personally. San Andreas style? And IV style too. Airport security was there, it'll just be much more interesting / realistic in V.