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  1. I'm 20 hours in on my Dunmer named Sil~Kriid (Soul Slayer in the dov speak) and level 37. She's a psycho. Arcane, my nord who weighs about 2 tons is at 183 hours played. I haven't been able to play properly for a couple of days now and it kinda sucks bawls. I've got goals with Sil~Kriid, as you can probably tell from how fast we've levelled. I didn't go into Bleak Falls Barrow until my last play with her and we fucking slaughtered everyone except the Deathlord with the Dragon Stone without being seen. Next I'm off to do the Thieves Guild so I can get the N's Armor, then dragon claw hunting and Dragon Priest slaying. Taking my time with anything that isn't miscellaneous.
  2. I hated Cicero before he moved to Skyrim... Massy gets it. He's read the journals.
  3. I find every one easy now, I'm way too over powered. I started without a character in mind though, so I went with being a native Nord and I've been using Dragonbane and an enchanted Blades sword each with about 100 damage, dual wielded. That's for the people that see me anyway, my Daedric bow does most of the work. I'm loving the game but I'm bored of my character. I'm definitely going Dunmer on the next play, I might even marry Jenassa. She was my best follower by far, Jordis the Sword Maiden behind her. I love Draugr deathlords though, one of the only ones left who present a fun fight. I've got 4 dragon priest masks now. I'll be sad once I've got them all, the priests are always good to go up against. Has anyone met Red Eagle yet? The first time I fought him he was in Priest get up, then I died later on (jumping off a mountain no less), and had to go back to fight him again and he was a measly draugr. He was killed by Jordis before I'd even noticed him amongst the skeletons I was taking out. I haven't played properly since Christmas day. The PS3 I'm using is on it's last legs because of Skyrim I think, but I'm buying my new one on Friday.
  4. Of course it can. That thread is full of noobs, I don't want anything to do with it. Speaking of which, the Throw Voice shout is totally fucking useless. They can hear the voice you project, yes, but they also hear your whisper so after they realised that generic rock wall isn't the source, they come straight for you. Yeah, I last night I went to Shearpoint and finally killed that bastard Krosis and got the Whisper Shout. I got found out immediately each time. I'll stick to plinking arrows off the walls or distracting them with a ghost wolf. I got the Rose of Sanguine or whatever last night. It was a pretty good quest, very reminiscent of a recent Hollywood movie where the characters drank too much. Now I can summon up a Daedra to help kill whatever I need to. Pretty freaking awesome. I killed Krosis a few days ago. He was really fun, a lot more fun that Volsung. but I was a lot weaker when I fought Volsung, so it was very much cheap shots and then running off to jump up the side of the mountain where his staff couldn't reach me and arrowing him. Krosis, myself, and Jordis and her summoned Valynaz were going at it hard, even when she or I slashed the Valynaz and he turned on us. Shit got intense. Sanguine Rose! I've given it to Jordis (as mentioned above), she holds it in her left hand and has a fuck off enchanted Scimitar with 81 damage.
  5. I really am glad you're back together. You can tell her that. "The American shithead from the internet is glad we're back together." If by chance you get married, invite me to the wedding. I'll make the trip. Swear to god. Thanks man. Will you bring some of these other chumps too? We can stop off at Pieface's and beat the shit out of him. Then form a manada de lobos!! I just read through the runes article, I thought it was trolling initially. There's no way in Oblivion that's coincidence! You're formally invited, Massy. Get your gas masked ass on a plane. But not for a while yet.. We've got some travelling to do before we settle down. Aaaaand to keep this shit on topic. I got the Ebony Mail last night from Boethiah's champion. It's amazing. I've been punching people and then letting them attack me while the mail kills them.
  6. I sacrificed that Marcurio prick for Boethiah. Man I've had a few sick days recently but I've been genuinely stuck up in bed with it at the same time, feels like such a waste of a day. I stole those Fire Salts and Ice Wraith teeth from places I reckon they won't respawn. I really enjoyed the beginning of the the Mages College but I haven't gone back yet, I don't know what's up with me. Christmas weekend.. plenty of Skyrimming time. Really? With Chuck? That is the most incredible news I have ever heard, I shit thee not. My heart is happy. Now fuck the hell out of her and make her call you Stoic. Yeah buddy! We're staying in a hotel for NYE, I'll be sure to whip out Stoic just before I donkey punch her. Zing! Has any body gotten the Ebony Mail yet?
  7. That's awesome man, if I wasn't 32498125 miles away and I had my shit paid off I'd be on this like a fly on shit.
  8. My girlfriend is playing as a Khajiit, so I'm calling them the cuteywuteywuvie race. Also, Stoic - Remember my ex? The ub3r fitty? We're back together. I had a few hours of disillusion recently, I just couldn't get into it. Then we started her game and now I can't wait to play it all the time again. 150 hours and it feels like I just started it again, I've done a few main questline quests (and didn't get fingered), and I'm chasing Dragon Priest masks again... I'm pretty sure I started chasing Dragon Priest masks when I got Volsung awhile ago, but I got Skyrim'd...
  9. I'm way behind on this topic. 150 hours and no lag on my PS3 save file. Winning. I've started doing the main questline now, I met Paarthurnax last night, that was sweet. Literally spoke to him for about 45 minutes, didn't skip any of his speech. Soothing bastard.
  10. My douchebag faghole Thieves Guild members don't actually fling the arrows. They just stand there looking like they're going to practice but they never actually do. I'm on steel as well though, I use stronger ones when I get them and throw away anything less powerful than steel. It's outrageous that we can't forge our own arrows.
  11. Ancient Nord Arrows are for pussies!
  12. This is typical Rockstar, and you're a typical douche. Always wanting more. I can't wait for V to release and little kids like you to hit the roof because you can't fly commercial jets or fuck dogs. I guarantee the only stock you've got is the shit spewing from your mouth. Seriously, stop acting like a clown. You're so sure of Rockstar's release dates yet you complain when they feed us a trailer jam packed with goodies but don't supply a release date? It's called marketing. Hypes up customers, gets people to spread the word. Results in more sales? They're geniuses at it. If you had stocks you'd be lapping their marketing techniques up like a horny dog nosing away at the ass of the pooch next door.
  13. I'm 130 hours in with no lag. Bethesda didn't make NV, they just let Obsidian tinker with the engine. The dude from Obsidian saying it can't be fixed has nothing to do with Beth and hasn't used the engine the way that Skyrim runs it. Regardless of the fact it made it in, it's half as infuriating as NV and they're working on a patch for it that we'll have soon. Not that it matters to me any more, I'm migrating to PC.
  14. Keep the mask, collect the rest, and find the ninth.
  15. quote name='Indy' timestamp='1322137095' post='19771' quote name='Asthenia' timestamp='1322126936' post='19743' Ouch. :| I have 2 running saves of exactly the same thing and I'm only playing one character at the moment. I refuse to lose my progress.. Made Ebony armor this morning. *growls* What overall level are you, i'm 31 and I think that making ebony armour would push me to about 33. But my combat skills won't be high enough to compensate for the increase in level! Do you enchant your armour? --- I have some enchanted Ebony armour, yeah. Major health, um... something else. Destruction magic enchantment on the helmet. I'm level 38 I think, it's been a couple of days since I played. My combat skills aren't on a par with what level I am, and I'm working on getting that up, but I still smash the tits off most anything that comes near me. quote name='Edge' timestamp='1322137767' post='19779' quote name='Asthenia' timestamp='1322127966' post='19746' You already look like a nerd. Puny milk drinker! I shall smite thee with my mighty dil... err warhammer... The only negative aspect of this game so far is that as with the previous games there is so much choice when creating characters that I find it hard to stick with one. I must have restarted about a dozen times already. --- Bring it, bonehead! *flames on and runs backwards through the trees* 'Indy' timestamp='1322151999' post='19801' Whenever I do the freeze shout my game lags like fuck. It skips a load of frames and then I just see some frozen people on the floor. Anyone else notice this problem? Is it after a few hours playing? Do you play on PS3? It'll be patched next week... there's an issue with the size of your save file, it lags the game after a while. 'Indy' timestamp='1322307549' post='19989' Yeah i've been doing something similar. I've made my ebony sword (legendary) do 144 damage, im level 35. I just used various fortify one-handed enchantments, high level smithing improvements and some blacksmith potions. I don't want to do the alchemy loop because I don't feel like wasting perks in it, instead I just bought 20% blacksmith potions, as opposed to making my own 29% potion. I don't think the 9% will have too much difference, at least not at the level i'm working at. PS. I think I hit 70+ hours --- My swords are enchanted with Major Drain of Health (something along those lines). 91 hours now. 'Indy' timestamp='1322331393' post='20017' Why the fuck is daedric armour better than dragon?! At least it means I won't have to use another perk in my smith tree! --- Because FUCK YOU! Daedric Armour is the best! Dragon Armor looks cool, but I think a Dragon bone sword would look so boss, I'm sad that they left something like that out. It wouldn't be much use and it would break but it would look coooooooool!! But yeah you're talking to a straight up Daedric worshipper... Heh. The Dovahkiin worships the Daedra. also fuck the quotes on this forum!!
  16. My personal highlight. The name Xavier was chosen because of the inital: X. The name Xavier means saviour in English. Xavier as a boy's name is pronounced ecks-ZAY-vee-er, ZAY-vee-er. It is of Basque origin, and the meaning of Xavier is "new house". I got that from a baby names website, that, if pushed, would probably provide more reliable information regarding GTA than this dumb fuck...
  17. You already look like a nerd.
  18. The tank would need to be virtually empty of fuel but even then, unless it's a tracer or explosive round - AND even then, it's a gazillion to one chance it will explode. Getting killed by a bullet bouncing off a car tyre is more plausible. Exactly. GTA SA style realism.
  19. Ouch. :| I have 2 running saves of exactly the same thing and I'm only playing one character at the moment. I refuse to lose my progress.. Made Ebony armor this morning. *growls*
  20. Asthenia


    Hahah, under arms and balls is pretty much all I get. It's kind of nice but the beard is coming in quite fast now but it's not quite covering all over, it's awkward when I'm lazy and don't shave. all the time. Oh and something about tattoo's, get back on topic you cunts... I want one of my sleeves to be dedicated to a Stephen King series. If you know what I mean and you ruin the apparently shoddy ending - go fuck yourself.
  21. The only realism I want from a car in GTA when it comes to clutches and petrol tanks is for the car to explode when I shoot the tank on the car. I have racing sims, I don't need GTA to become one.