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  1. If they pull a true Red Dead and I get to play as you; I'm gonna throw you out of a jet! On the plus side, the last thing you ever did was fly a jet. Talk about dying happy.
  2. Is your Father Ned Luke? Did your father move for the weather? Yes. And yes. But what does that have to do with anything?....................OH SHIT! I smoke too much weed.. When I play as your dad, I'm so gonna follow you around the house beatin' your ass.
  3. after reading this, ive decided you belong in the "other" gta forums. please leave. does anybody remember the bank robber from "3 leaf clover" micheal? long shot since he was really irsih and looked alot different, but what if he survived the shooting, and got packie, niko, and derrick arrested. Saint fuckin' Michael! Oh god! Nah.. he's strange lookin'.
  4. Shit - this is the delay. 3 months for ferris wheel cars.
  5. Exactly, Dup. I like to go batshit insane from time to time and I do that in Saints Row, but tbh I'd still rather play The Ballad of Gay Tony. To be honest, a part of me would like to see how a HD universe San Andreas would go, but I think a lot of it would be out of place. We're not playing with canvasses any more - we're playing with fully formed characters and we're being told bigger stories.
  6. You know, Saints Row still does that. It might not be as good but it's damn fun. This is Rockstar's direction now. Get used to it. I can't believe people are complaining about petty shit. It's Grand Theft Auto, not Grand Gang Bangers At The Gym.
  7. My concern now is - if it's all on one disk (360), where do they cut corners? This is ENORMOUS. Skyrim is 6gb's if I'm correct? at 14.3 miles squared.
  8. I'm also hoping that when I switch they won't always be in "their hood" .. if they're living their own lives I wanna find them doing insane stuff too. And just once, I'd like to catch Trevor, mid air on a quad, flying off Mt. Chiliad. Agreed. Michael looks like my favourite initially. Follow by Trevor, then Franklin. I'd like to see Franklin in action because to me he's the archetypal GTA character - which is good, but my focus is more on Michael as he's the character we've never played before in a GTA game. The kids thing was done in RDR, though that was 1911. That and Mike is probably more able bodied than Trevor. They mentioned yoga and shit. That's probably Michaels thing. Trevor abuses drugs and alcohol so I'd think hes the slower character. I cannot stress this enough! Michael is in better shape too! Just because he looks flash, doesn't mean he can't move. I'd presume so. Removing that would be removing a ton of the realism.
  9. It's more than likely. I'm keen on Franklin's. He's the only character I'm not 100% sold on so far. I do like that he's the youngest though.
  10. They made a point of saying you can fly early on. People need to use their common sense.. you're not going to fly into an invisible wall heading towards the city in Trevor's CESSNA. They're going for rooted in reality.
  11. Exactly. In order, all there.. what an article. I'm in shock. Not long now.
  12. It's the background of another page on the GI site. It's where that little banner on the bottom of the news article links to. Nice. I can't even get on to GI at the moment. Power of GTA.
  13. The guy on the right looks like CLU from Tron: Legacy in this artwork. I think that's why I like him. That and the gas mask. Massy, get in here!
  14. Looks like 3 protagonists. Righty is my favourite.. Discuss! I'm loving the fact that they're in a flood control channel. Always enjoyed driving around those in GTA and Midnight Clubs.
  15. 3-4 hours after the cover is released, the digital download releases.
  16. That guy sounds Latino to me. Especially @ "Why did I move here?" Exactly. You can hear he's been in the US for a long time but that Latino .. vibe? is definitely there. Whereas old man river is a middle class whitey. Born & bred.
  17. I sort of hope it'll be a single protag but I think there's a chance we'll play as multiple people. Old guy with the family is hinted at the most, but the voice in the first trailer just doesn't fit that face for me.
  18. Definitely. We can all wait, it's still going to be as good as if it were released this week, Game Informer will still blow information out of the water, the game will still be as good. We've got more so far then we expected we'd have. Yesterday was amazing, and this is just the beginning. Let's just give them a break and hope that everyone in R* NY and everyone else who's been affected by Sandy is just okay. It's a fucking mess and all I see on the newswire is WHERE IS MY FUCKING 1:20 VIDEO?
  19. Weigh up the concern of staff and the concern of getting us a trailer...
  20. Stupid Massy. Two people ask if it's out already, you say "it is". Stupid Massy!
  21. What?! The article's out?! edit: Think I misunderstood Massy's post.
  22. lovefist are in IV too, they're playing Star Junction. Sorry for the small image: