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  1. Say true, Bagey. Look at IV's first trailer and then the finished product. It's going to be intense watching.
  2. Look at her tag, Jamie. Where the fuck did they get that info from? And the pic? I don't remember him at all.... Criminal record. Police cars?
  3. I'm glad you get to do that and not me. RDR was a nice build up.. This, though? It's all too quick for me. I'm happy to sit here fapping at work. I've sent out about 1000 words in emails to my team already. I do it ONE TIME and it becomes a thing. Fuck these noobs. I really hope the trailer is tomorrow, for the anniversary and because I'm busy this weekend. So excite. So. Excite.
  4. Amazing right? Earlier I was thinking about when I first watched it and it hit me - I was an entirely different person a year ago. So much has changed.
  5. Always forget about GTAF. One shot per Viewfinder.
  6. Lolol I know that has me confused as well. I just assumed it was the name of a game shop somewhere in the world. Future's a shop, in the US I believe? Fuck this is cool!
  7. One year since the first trailer was released. Let's everyone just shut the fuck up about IV compared to SA, the cover system, what R* have done since and just enjoy this trailer again for a moment. What are you most excited about from this one trailer? Me? 0:57 seconds, the lorry in the background pulling a trailer. And the sun. It's gonna feel good to be back in the sun after our trip to Liberty.
  8. Sweet, thanks both. For some reason I thought you were in the UK, Fanboy. I know not why. :/
  9. R*'s artwork is really attractive with some sun in it. This! Ditto, I still use my bag from the IV special edition. My security box was still being used but it got ruined when someone broke into my flat. Didn't have anything in it thankfully. From what the official word has been it sounds as though it was being worked on until recently. I'd wager that it's all far, far into testing by now. Testing is going to be mammoth on this. Honestly, go and play with them both. If your friends have either, get on them and play. The most important thing is controller. Don't fucking listen to what any one elses opinion is on how shit or how good either controller is, use them man. You're gonna be holding it for hundreds of hours. Excellent man. What does printemps mean on the card?
  10. No. They'll want V to report in at the end of March 2014. Read TF's post again. Sell DLC all year. Max Payne will be the focus of EOF 2013.
  11. Aren't you forgetting something.. you ain't no mod no more, niggah! I prefer the PS3 control because it's the better control. The rumble function is ridiculous (MGS4 ftw) even though it's wasted in most games, Six-Axis is awesome for those skilled enough to master it, and the control layout is better. The triggers are way better on 360 but thats about all it's got on the Dualshock. The fact that SONY gives there controllers separate names and Microsoft doesn't is clear indication that the PS3 Dualshock is the better controller. 360's control is still sexy though. Sorry, just needed to add my 2cents. I'm not a mod cause I'm a lazy fuck who doesn't spend enough time here. I'd much rather someone like Massy have that mod spot. Though you still respect my veteran authoritah. Aren't you forgetting something.. you ain't no mod no more, niggah! Consider Ast's decrees my own. Now, on topic, I don't expect a delay. They've probably been on this thing, on some level, since GTA IV's release day. Loooove you. <3 R* are known for their habit of working on the next GTA game, at least in baby steps, story, etc while working on the one due to release. This close to release, the sequel is probably stirring in Dan's head already. Given the time taken this time, I can't see a delay. And if there is, it'll be totally out of the hands of the developers. I think he means he wants to skip Christmas.
  12. Don't do that to yourself. It's fucking Grand Theft Auto! But on the flipside: Yup. I entirely agree with this. Since building my PC, gaming has transformed. Ever played Team Fortress on a console? I'd rather kill myself. They're different worlds, and the PC is a much prettier, clearer world. However, consoles have charm and ease. Different worlds.
  13. You don't have ONE console? never had a console...ever... always had a pc. but i'm thinking of buy a ps3... second hand... just for gta5.... then wait a year then get the PC... there fore im not at any loss... but i'm still pissed off.. as now i got to buy a console. Here's Rockstar's word on it for now: R* K 58 minutes ago Hey guys, glad to see so much enthusiasm about the release announcement. For those asking about the PC platform, we're currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don't have any details to share about a PC version at this time. Anyone that continues to spam the comments section will have their commenting privileges suspended.
  14. Hopefully just 2 days after, on the 13th. My birthday.
  15. Wow, you're a dick. :/ The perspective on them looks like they're on the floor and they look pretty thick. Though, it does look like there's a lot of the top one that you can see in the light, so I think you're right actually. Any one near Brighton wanna go down to the store and have a word?
  16. Haha. They're big posters, you can tell they're on the floor. I think the vibe is supposed to be big PS3 boxes, or maybe they're security scanner covers? They're popular.
  17. Check this: IGN link regarding V and GAME. We all know how it goes with game shops and their pre-orders, but the posters swing it. I'm pretty fuckin' excited. I'm liking the look of the new "Lola". Quads! Edit: IGN, not Kotaku. Edit 2: TF, don't make it easy for them! I don't think about people who wanna cut to the chase... http://oyster.ignimg...tCQAAYSh4-1.jpg
  18. Awesome. It would help... My face brow won't gro. Have we cottoned on to this yet?