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  1. The pointless, lifeless and repetetive missions, they don't even give a good amount of money, instead just horde a few Ballers in your garage and sell them for 9k each at LSC.
  2. I like car insurance, I like buyable garages, I like the mechanic, all the nice stuff that's not in story mode.
  3. Today I had a little GTA moment at work, I was driving to a customer to change a flat tyre, and while I was passing by a wind farm, the song "Higher Love" started to play in the radio lol. I immediately had that GTA 5 feeling, despite the fact that it's cloudy today. Bring me a higher love! Yeah the soundtrack is kinda ok, could use some Metallica, and a hard rock station. Flylo Fm, Worldwide Fm and East LS are pointless for me.
  4. Come on guys, don't be so lazy! Get this contest going.
  5. Amen brother, I always get in a lobby with spanish people laughing and screaming.
  6. The first time I drove a Stinger GT (and what a fucking nice car that is)was online, in a mission for Simeon. I dislike that this car doesn't exist in my SP world.
  7. Some people just can't immerse themselves into a female character.
  8. Finally got it working... kind of. What's the first thing I see driving around in online? Sabre... yeah it's mine now, never saw it driving around in singleplayer. It's a conspiracy.
  9. I already gave up on Trevor's safehouse, I tried every parking spot around the place and always lost the car. Too bad I didn't pay much attention when the mission told me where to park the cars.
  10. I don't think the hair is growing, my Franklin had a shaved head for many many in game weeks.
  11. Hey BlackSox the Sabre Turbo in Trevor's mission was the only one I ever found.
  12. Nevermind my post from before, I confused the Rat Loader with the Dune Loader, never saw the Rat before. Could anyone tell me where to find the Grotti Stinger GT, aswell as the Chrysler Crossfire thingy. Also, is there a non rusty Rebel version? There are 2 Rebels listed in the vehicle info.
  13. Finally got me a Vapid Dominator. Also bought this beauty.
  14. How did you achieve that? Drive as Franklin for one, he can hit higher tops speeds that other protags(tried and tested). And just experiment with different cars when fully tuned. Check social club if you doubt it Ok didn't know that Franklin gets higher top speeds. Did a few runs with Franklin and got 281 kph/174 mph with the Infernus(no turbo) and 364 kph/ 226 mph!! with the fully upgraded Truffade Adder. Awesome!