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  1. Don't get me wrong, to be accepted by Trevor & Michael and for Michael to call him the son he never had, Franklin's gotta have something to him. I just don't feel like there's much that we've seen so far aside from the fact that he can't clothe himself.
  2. Why does Franklin dress like such a nerd if he's working for a luxury car dealership?
  3. Thanks, fuck Massy... Hi everyone, my name is [redacted] and I'm a senior engineer for the biggest media company in the world. Hail Satan.
  4. Planes are available from the beginning, brother.
  5. I was tweeting him earlier, they must've put it up too soon. Trust the editor in chief to steal the GTA article for himself. haha.
  6. I'm starting to warm to you. No CJ, no Tommy, shitty tree's.. man, fuck Rockstar! I'm gonna go play Farming Simulator 2013 for a while.. someone hit me up on Steam when they sort their lives out.
  7. I'm sure I've got hipster glasses somewhere, but I couldn't find them...
  8. I'm 18. When I was 8, I kept stealing Vice City from my older sibling to play. Parents didn't want me playing it. Haha, I was 9 when I got the original GTA. Damn! ... When you're got, you're got... *goes back to smoking my e-cigarette*
  9. Ah, I haven't played SD yet. Sweet. I go to play GMod for 20 minutes and you guys sort me out.
  10. Well this is pretty interesting... 2 comes before 3, so.. Half Life 3 confirmed! Half Life 3 is by no means confirmed.
  11. Yup, considering the Gamespot overlay it's gotta be out somewhere.. I don't recognise it though.
  12. Yes, I love it. I really enjoyed GTA IV: The Complete Edition. My first GTA experience was Vice City on PS2. Mind if I non-creepily ask how old you are? A lot of people around my age found GTA when VC came out, but I've been playing since the first top down. Also, not meaning to sound like a hipster...
  13. I'm all out of 'likes', but this is fantastic. Also, agreed with what you said about main characters. Dan writes GTA's for a long time. We're talking near the end of IV's production.
  14. This x 1000. Does anybody remember what Rockstar said about ? They were just playing around catching video and one of the devs pulled off this beauty of a spin in the Infernus? That's gameplay right there, but it's not a gameplay trailer.
  15. Have you not got dirt on your lip?! I thought it was normal..
  16. Yup. GTA is always treated with a slightly different approach to marketing than other games.
  17. No video coverage. I doubt there'll be any before release that isn't from R* themselves. 4 or 5 trailers, no gameplay series like RDR or MP3 though.
  18. His model may not have been complete in time for the first trailer and screenshots, but it's absolutely impossible that he wasn't even conceived by November last year. I'll add an extra 40 bucks to QD's competition if I'm wrong.
  19. Probably, Marcus. Happened with IV. We'll translate and find the goodies, then all that's important is the screenshots each site will get.