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  1. I was bored so i thought?why not race for pinkslips on gta? ..
  2. rumors or true? i think this would be great, i would buy them all
  3. will the new consoles come out by the time gta v is released? if the game is released in 2013 then maybe but i dont know..
  4. Why are all these big companies like game, tesco walmart, etc, guessing the release date? Its just getting silly 11 year olds excited when it probably wont come out till november time.
  5. How do you know it wont happen?
  6. Basically, i was thinking everyone who buys GTA IV on PC gets all these mods and can create mods through some simple software, so why not make some software for consoles? I reckon more people would want to play the game more because you could make it with the crazy stuff like from saints row, but still have the reaslism from GTA. You dont have to mod though, if you dont want too?
  7. I think the oldish man in the trailer is not the main character, but like a boss. I reckon the person who is seen in a red car, and running from the cops will be the main character, but he will most likely not be CJ, he looks too young. Also i dont understand why you would want to be running round the city as a 50 year old man..