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  1. You gave me much more than I thought was possible out of my vague and...premature OP. I like how you smashed me while complimenting me(bolded) and still answered my shitty question. Diplomatic yet cutting. Hats off to you, guy.
  2. I don't know if this has been covered before, so I'll make it short so I don't waste my time on a topic that might be closed... First of all, though TLAD sold very well, I get the overall impression that its popularity was dwarfed by The Ballad of Gay Tony and of course GTA IV itself. It seemed like once everyone had downloaded it, the buzz kind of fizzled out much quicker than TBOGT. Am I wrong in thinking that? If I'm not, why do you think that happened? Second of all, do you believe that GTA V will have any DLCs down the road? What would you like to see? Obviously its too early to even begin guessing at what the DLCs might be, but we have to sit here holding our dicks for the next 8+ months, so why not waste time here at the forums.....
  3. Well that wouldn't even be about customization, so much as B&E, burglary, etc. etc. so I support that idea. And no it wouldn't be realistic at all, but neither is the entire GTA franchise. I think I would remember all the shootouts with AK-47s and pipe bombs if it were...
  4. Goddamnit what is this, Grand Theft Armoire: Barbie's Playhouse? You aren't going to get the chance to pick the fucking drapes for the window in the foyer and you don't get to pick the color scheme of the master bedroom. You'll get your 2-5 safehouses with a fucking arcade game and TV and you're going to complain about it on this very forum about a year from now.
  5. It's an absolutely terrible idea. I want to play a game, not run a gangster simulator. Do I have to help my character set up a tax shelter in Northern Cyprus to launder his money, too? Oh oh, what about an interactive mini-game for each meal? Rapidly move the joystick back and forth to cut the steak with a serrated steak knife? Endless possibilities! I'd like to have the cops issue citations for littering, jaywalking, and other minor infractions so that we'll get to go to the in-game mailbox to pick up our summons for upcoming court dates. Then we'll get to spend the day in court(every 7 in-game days) in order to have our accumulated fines and court costs cut down into more manageable amounts. Everyone complains that they don't have anything to spend their imaginary currency on! Wait a second, what about this? The character must eventually marry one of 5 possible girlfriends. Then we get to spend time listening to our virtual wives talk about the latest episode of The Real Housewives... and the Jane Austen novel she's reading(in cut-scenes of course) before bedtime at 9:30 p.m.(but the character only has to sleep 7 and a half in-game hours, otherwise it would get monotonous). Then around hour 25 of the storyline we have to get divorced and give up our safe houses and half of our cash and assets, including our RPG and pipe bombs. No wait, maybe we can buy a---alright Nicodemo, we get it...
  6. There has to be at least one gun with a suppressor/silencer, for the love of God!. I'm still bummed that there weren't any in The Lost and Damned. If any of the protags of the GTA series would have access to suppressors, it's Johnny Klebitz. Any dummy with a half way decent machine shop/garage(and a desire to go to prison) can manufacture a working suppressor. Also--and this will never happen--it would be great if there were certain guns that were included in the game world that weren't standard issue guns that could be bought, but that existed as one-offs or rare finds with limited ammo. Like you break into a gun collector's home and start bayonetting people with the M1 Garand hanging above the dresser.
  7. Well we know that the GTA "universes" are subdivided into: 2D, 3D, and HD. Being that GTA V will be HD, chances are any cameos will be by characters from the only other HD universe, GTA IV. I'm going to nominate Johnny Klebitz as being the most likely character to have a crossover of some sort. Mainly for two small reasons: 1.) biker gangs have a large presence in California, and 2.) in The Lost and Damned, Johnny has a patch on his vest that says: "I Rode Mine Los Santos 2004". So the character of Johnny Klebitz has visited San Andreas at least once. Perhaps Johnny K. will appear during a mission involving a pivotal race for GTA V's protag. Or maybe another character will mention Johnny in passing(and, knowing his storyline, it will be a story about how Johnny died after getting knifed by an Angel of Death member for looking at his old lady the wrong way). Then again I was sure the protag in GTA V would be hispanic, and I simply couldn't have been more wrong. In my defense, these are voice actors....
  8. Actully its not... Italian Mafia is all over California, its mostly the Commision that makes up the 5 familes in NYC and they moved across the US to Cal. and true black gangs arnt really nothing big so agreed You could not be more wrong. The Commission hasn't been able to meet in years. The L.A. crime family has been listed as inactive by the F.B.I. But you're right about one thing: there is a presence of mafiosi all over California. Unfortunately, they're either disgraced former members or guests in one of California's fine correctional institutions.
  9. The voice fits the young guy in the red car in my mind. Not the old guy.
  10. Seems kind of old for a protag in GTA. He does sound similar, though...
  11. LOL. You're right. Not only is there a member by that name, he posted in this very thread. Sorry The Mad Dooby. I lectured you about a subject you probably don't give a shit about like a fucking pompous professor and then disrespected a member in the process. Can you tell that I have a hair up my ass about 50 Cent? If I hear one more white guy on Fox News say "fitty" or "fiddy" again, I'm gonna write a strongly worded letter or two I tells ya.
  12. I think it's because people, mostly foreigners, think America's this big wondrous place where anything's possible. Grass is always greener on the other side and all that. Especially with the Brits. I think that's why there's so many of them in Florida, LOL. The reality is that America is just as interesting and uninteresting as any other country. Our crime rate is going down and we're becoming that most dreadful of things: boring. Which is to say that GTA is in an alternate universe of over-the-top stereotypes and exaggerations. So why can't that world be translated to London? If you want to know the truth, I really, REALLY, want to gun down some chavs with an anti-tank rifle in a legal and safe environment like a video game. From 6 feet away.
  13. Again, there are several accents associated with NYC. Linguists like to believe that there's one New York dialect called, not surprisingly, the New York Dialect. However, a trip around NYC will tell a different story. You've got everything from the old school(and slowly dying) "Brooklynese"(a good example being the voice actor of Joe from Mafia II) to the Puerto-Rican influenced accents of Spanish Harlem and everything in between. 50 Cent, who by the way, has never pronounced his name "fitty"(watch any Youtube clip of him, EVER) has what is known as the African American Vernacular English accent, with a little New Yahk thrown in the mix. It doesn't sound much like what most people associate with the New York Dialect. This is because the Great Migration(basically when the blacks moved to the cities from the South) occurred largely after the influx of Jewish and Italian American immigrants into NYC(which contributed most to the New York Dialect). Well, about a million or so moved to the big cities in the 1920s and 30s, but the largest migrations happened 2-3 decades later, after the apex of Jewish/Italian immigration. Which is a long-winded and pretentious way of answering The Mad Dooby's question: yes, technically 50 Cent does have a New York City accent.
  14. God I hope the protag isn't an Italian-American mafiosi/former mafiosi. Unless it's set in prison, because that's where all the mobsters are right now. It's a glorified street gang these days. And they don't have a presence in L.A. anyway--OK, there are like 4 guys left in the L.A. crime family--but it's listed as inactive by the FBI. It will pretty much have to involve Latino gangs of some sort. Perhaps some gangs modeled after La eMe and its satellite group the SureƱos. Throw in some black gangs and maybe a couple Asian syndicates, and we've got ourselves some action. I'm going to make a wild guess and say the protagonist is an Hispanic Iraq War veteran that was involved in the gang life as a teen. Who the fuck knows?
  15. But saying he sounds like he's from New York is like saying someone sounds like they're from England. It's a big place, do you mean New York City itself? Plus, there's variation to be found among the different ethnic groups within NYC--and that doesn't even begin to cover all the transplants to NYC, which I wouldn't be surprised if at least half the population of NYC wasn't born there. His accent is definitely at least attempting to sound like someone from the East Coast, but he didn't speak long enough to pinpoint exactly where. For me anyway. I did say "I'm no expert" - so don't try to be smart boyo. < Read that in a Welsh accent. I never "try", it comes naturally! < Read that in a Brooklyn accent.