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  1. Yeah I found that Franklin sounded alot like CJ too. Loving the look of the trains, highways etc
  2. Yeah I agree. We saw how heavily equipped michael is, surely the police are really upgraded in order for them to keep up? I'm at least expecting SWATs to rappel down from choppers, use tear gas, snipers, K9 dogs etc. If they're going to just be shoot to kill and still just as stupid it really wouldn't work.
  3. Yes. Us british do it the best. Want proof? Look at their games and look at the latest Batman franchise, us british are getting it done properly.
  4. Bastards better cover the whole police issue soon. You can't have a game with all these fantastic features to only have slightly upgraded police. These new features are only making my expectations higher lol
  5. Surely someone will leak the full issue once they download it.
  6. Think it's way more likely that it will still be just one big story, characters that will keep crossing each other. To me this really opens up the big option of CO-OP.
  7. This was my dream. A nice variety of choice. The redneck, gangsta and possible ex cop? To say I'm happy is an understatement, as much as I wanted this to be true I didn't think we'd get it but there it is. I can finally relax on receiving info.
  8. Well done proud americans, you were wrong, like I said over and over. Idiots.
  9. Yep, you pretty much summed up all the things I want including planes.
  10. Surely due to the gas masks we can be pretty much certain we'll see gas based weapons? Like smoke bombs and tear gas? Surely? lol Otherwise it would seem pretty pointless :3
  11. Seriously that email does not work for shit lol I tried 4 seperate times, copy and pasted in the email, typed in the full email, each time I just got a message back saying it failed to be sent. Anyone else have that problem?
  12. Yeah I know what you mean, just hope they have been listening to us for the past few years. But I think the crews thing could be quite fun, think its about time they let us dress as cops online, have a police crew.
  13. Well think that would of been a lil too in depth, I'd imagine they already have all that stuff nailed down now.
  14. Yeah but surely they'll find some good ones, surely there can't be many putting in completely boring and avergae ideas lol
  15. Quite exciting.
  16. But GTA V isn't Xbox exclusive, so that point is pretty much worthless here. Look you're obviously for the PS3, you don't have to get bitchy because I said I'm getting it for the Xbox 360. Your reply was 100x more worthless and pointless.
  17. Xbox 360 all the way, without causing a war I still stick with the 360 because I just think there are far better exclusives plus the PSN needs a few tweeks.
  18. Ordering my issue now, game informer just struck some serious cash yo lol Can't wait, exclusive pics, REAL information, omg I'm going to jizz over each page.
  19. The 7th Star should be Navy But that would be pretty cool, navy seals coming after you on boats etc. Btw am I the only one who thinks boats have been incredibly dull and boring so far?
  20. 7 Stars would be a nice new feature, would make you work your ass off just to see what the hell happens with the 7th Star lol
  21. I'd love to see a sheriff in the game taser someone, that would make my decade <3 We better get some cops that wear shades lol
  22. I have no idea why people are worried and hoping zombies won't be part of the story.....I think it's safe to say they definitely won't be. I can't believe I even had to say that. It's just ok for them to make some sort of DLC spin off because you have the option to download it and those who don't want to don't have to, everybody wins. However earthquakes in GTA V make interesting convo's....think I'd like to see that.
  23. Hopefully the glock won't sound like a toy this time round...... You know, he put those sounds in himself right?