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  1. i was born and raised in so cal im going to find a car and cruise and find areas i know and go to the mountains and deserts
  2. oh man i forgot about horse betting in SA lol we might see that to in GTA V Let change this topic to Gambling
  3. when i was living in cali there alot of indians casino
  4. There is casino in Southern California, there is casinos in the LA and the Indians Casinos out in Palm Springs area and San Diego Area. I'm wondering how Rockstar is going to use them in the game, I think there going to make fun of the casino like how they made fun of the Las Vegas in San Andreas What do u guys think about this?
  5. good idea I used to live in Cali there a ski resort city name big bear
  6. Hell yea lol that will be fun Hey, wonder if there'll be any old mineshafts to discover? Just like RDR
  7. Hi my name is roaddog66. I live in Vegas and work for us air force