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Found 2 results

  1. I know I thought of some bullshit about GTA V being released on 7th August 2012. This isn't me trying to be popular, as I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. But the whole thing about me being shot. That was funny, I must admit. Anyway alot of may already know this, but GTA V is deffinetly October 2012. The main reason being that GTA V is 87% finished!! The other reasons are like this: 1) On some Google thingy GTA V's release date is shown October 2012. Apparently some Rockstar employee put this on Google 2) The trailer released in 2011, so 2013 release is BULLSHIT!! This is probably the most obvious reason. 3) Like many other people, I believe the 2nd GTA V trailer will come out on 24th May. This also gives away it's deffinetly 2012. 4) Rockstar confirmed that Crews and Gang Wars will be in GTA V. This deffinetly tells us GTA V is near completion (87%) If anyone has other thoughts or reasons. Please post them!!
  2. I saw a video on youtube about this, apparently GTA V could be set around 2008 due to the connection to the number plates? What you think? Here's the video: