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  1. I thought the shooting was better in Max Payne 3 than in RDR, but that's just me... The way you died, and reacted in game, to certain situations was very exceptional, in my mind. The way that you fell to the ground after you died in multiplayer or single player just seemed to be more "organized" if you will.
  2. "we all want to be so equal we end up the same" -Quote by KnightOfDebaseCountenance How the f**k does that make sense? lol jk........ I know what you mean though and agree, to a point... I mean I don't think it's cool when people come in and start complaining about my posts and how they don't make sense and how they're wrong... It's like, "Don't be all up in here in my topic if you are gonna disagree with everything that I say...
  3. They don't need to agree, there's no point in being on my topic if they're just going to disagree... Where is the logic in that?
  4. Ragdolling IS physics, so why don't you people stop posting illegitimate crap and trying to prove an unknown point and agree, if you don't, then go light up the rants and raves about me... So, if you don't agree, get out of this topic. Simple. If you people would like to keep posting, why don't you answer the original topic question... Which was: " How would you like to see R* change/improve/keep the mechanics the same in GTA 5?" You may post now:
  5. All of you need to just shut up, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to physics, watch this video, ALL of it, I repeat, ALL of it is ragdolling... It is a RAGDOLLING engine, so you cannot say it is anything but, so stop arguing.... Here you go:
  6. I think that the physics of rag-dolling the playable character, (you) in the game should be improved, as one of you were saying earlier, that in GTA 4 when you got shot by cops it looked like you were getting hit by ball-bearings instead of bullets. Head shot on you by cop= INSTANT DEATH/ Head shot from you to cop= INSTANT DEATH/Stomach shot from cop to you= HALF DEAD/and vise-versa/Leg shot on you by cop= hard limp/vise versa/ arm shot on you by cop= drop weapon in that hand and render arm unusable until healed. Also, if you get shot in the chest you die if you don't heal yourself quickly. Max Payne 3 had great rag-doll physics when you died after being shot, you would fall down in such a realistic way its not even funny... I hope they bring that to GTA 5
  7. Your supposed to take physics class in high school? Are you special? Cause your sounding like it
  8. "Ragdolling is so called because your body loses control of arms and legs when you go flying through the air because of the force of the impact" = BULLET Go back to physics class tard^ For real though, this is ragdolling definition:
  9. That is ragdolling, ask game designers, or any physics engine creators... It can be falling around wildly, or simply tripping and falling over a rock...
  10. LOL so what is according to you ?! Simple animation repeating at every hit? LOL Ragdoll is the best solution in games. U also like to be better than npcs u dont care about balance in games. I dont like people like this. They just dont care they just want things, simple things and thats it for them. Pathetic. Ragdoll for enpcs and for player that would make great balance and challenge not to play a terminator like style. I wish that u would be test target and someone would shoot you while you wearing bullet proof armor. Then U would change your mind very fast. But this is not possible for someone sitting in front of monitor and only playing simple games. Wow, that was an extremely sudden display of proud americanry, I'm impressed. You also have no fucking clue what you're on about.Short of a midget being hit by a .50 cal, no one is going to be ragdolled when shot. I have seen people being shot, a lot. You don't go limp and flop around on the floor when it happens. When I say ragdolled when shot, I don't by any means fall down when shot with a 9mm round... I mean if you get shot with a shotgun, fairly close range, you might stumble or fall over, or even die. It may not kill you instantly, but you might hurt you really bad... Who wants to play a game where you can get shot by a 12 guage shotgun 3-4-5 times and only lose 3 quarters of your life? Also, in real life, you totally get ragdolled when your shot. As any sniper in the Army or Marines, he will tell you that if you get shot with a sniper at 400 yards, the intestines of the unlucky fellow being shot at will make it a good 12 feet before they hit the ground 12 feet away from the dudes body... Tell me, do you think that man would still be standing there, unmoved, or would his body be on the ground?
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean, but you gotta take the good with the bad... It doesn't even really matter how annoying or bad it would be or how good it would be if you were rag-dolled, Rockstar will give us a great game, no matter what, so we don't have anything to be worrying about.
  12. It would be a whole new style of game though, which would be pretty cool... An animated life simulation game... GTA 5